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We want to make it clear that this site isn’t only about making affiliate revenue like some other VPN related sites. Instead VPN Adviser was created because we realise that internet freedoms need to be protected and VPN’s are a powerful weapon against encroaching privacy evasions from big business and governments. Therefore we are promoting VPN’s as a powerful tool that can protect users from internet censorship, protect traffic from prying eyes, and maintain net neutrality.

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VPN Speed Tests

When deciding on a VPN provider; speed can be the deciding factor. Our speed test results are intended to enable you to make an informed decision based on your situation. For example if you have a fast internet connection and plan on downloading large files, speed is very important. However if you have a slower connection and just want enhanced privacy you may want to make a compromise between price and speed.

Speed Testing Methodology

Speed tests results often vary wildly depending on factors such as location, network activity, and VPN load. In order to conduct a fair comparison between VPN providers we developed a consistent testing methodology. A great deal of effort has been put into attaining accurate results, however it’s impossible to take into account every variable and to track changes in speeds over time. Therefore you should take our results as only a rough indication of actual performance.

Each test is done twice at random times, from two different VPN nodes (Randomly selected USA and EU), totalling 8 tests for each provider. The tests are done from a USA based Windows server with a 1000mb/s connection using OpenVPN (if available).

Baseline Server SpeedtestBaseline Server Speed Download Test File: mirror.leaseweb.com/speedtest/1000mb.bin Method: Wget This test is a good indication of standard web browser performance. The download is over http and is limited to a single thread. Torrent Test File: Latest Ubuntu ISO Method: uTorrent This test attempts to find the maximum download speed by making multiple connections to peers geographically distributed locations.