Top 6 best Vpn 2018

For a VPN to be good, it must be best rated, and for it to be best rated, a lot of things are taken into consideration and weighted together. These things usually include the features, privacy, value for your money, other extra factors and the overall wrap up of the VPN. So, what makes a VPN good? The answer entirely lies in your preferences and choice. This is why we have best VPNs for different functions.

Nevertheless, there’s a group of VPNs that we can all agree is the best and suited for almost every task you throw at them. This is a group that we will use to see what makes a VPN good combining with preference.


"A speedy VPN that's very easy to use and covers basic privacy needs well enough"

  • Excellent available variety of servers
  • Servers are fast and secure
  • Offers six connections
$11.95 $3.99 per month
Save 66%
  • Highest Encryption Available
  • No Logs Policy
  • 2200 Servers Located in 60 Different, Countries
$11.99 $2.75 per month
Save 77%
  • Safe Wi-Fi Protection
  • Loads Websites 3 To 5 Times Faster
  • No Logging
$9.99 $4.99 per month
Save 50%
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Blazing Fast Connection Speed
  • No Logs
$12.95 $8.32 per month
Save 35%
  • Outstanding speed test results
  • Allows P2P and BitTorrent
  • Diverse geographical servers
$9.95 $2.45 per month
Save 75%
  • 2,048-bit Encryption
  • Increase Connection Speed
  • Additional Layer of Scramble Security
$10 $5.83 per month
$ $ per month


Your VPN Needs

For a VPN to be considered good, it must meet one or two needs that a user needs it to do. Since we are different, every user might have different preferences, and VPN needs may vary. But this can be unified by carefully assessing what you need from a VPN. Like we said earlier, a single VPN may meet all your needs. This VPN automatically qualifies to be the best. Other VPNs might do better in other areas and not so good in others. Depending on the overall score, it might still be rated good. Below is a series of factors that are used to determine if a VPN is good and if it can be best rated.

Number of servers and Where they are located

This is among top factors that are considered when determining if a VPN is good. According to preferences of most people, a great percentage will point towards the servers a VPN has and where they are located. Many servers are the best as this means there won’t be server overloads, and also you get to connect to the right server. For example, if you want to access multiple content, chances are most of the content is located in different countries. If a VPN has many servers, there is a greater possibility that it has servers in one of the countries you want to access the content from. Location matters in terms of connectivity and legal issues. If many servers are located near you, you will experience a good speed due to decreased latency. Also, servers located in areas where there are data retention laws are good as the VPN won’t be required to give out information about you if you do something that is somewhat illegal.


This is a factor that most VPN don’t fulfill and end up failing us by the end of the day. A lot of VPNs will insist that they offer anonymity, but in real sense, they don’t. This compromises your confidentiality and at times privacy after you put your trust on them best-rated VPNs that offers anonymity do it using complex technologies such as server chaining, Double VPN, and other methods. These technologies are not easy to implement, and hence a few VPNs can afford to give you anonymity.

Encryption and number of protocols supported

For the utmost security, a good VPN will sport the best encryption algorithms. Common ones include the bank-grade or military grade encryption system with the AES-256-CBC cipher coupled with the SHA1 HMAC and a 2048-bit RSA handshake certificate security parameter. These security encryptions separate boys from men, and the stronger ones get the best rating. Protocols are used to enhance security and also provide connection mechanisms. Not all protocols are equal, and some are even worse. But generally, a good VPN is supposed to support the OpenVPN protocol which has both UDP and TCP. OpenVPN is considered the best as it provides high-security levels with a low processing overhead. A Good VPN should also provide documentation for their protocols and advice on the best one to use as protocols might be confusing, and you might not know the right one for your needs.

Log policy

Logs are details of activities that you do when you are online. Logs include many details such as browsing activities, sites visited, linked downloaded and so much more depending on the set parameters. Logs act as hard evidence, especially in a lawsuit. And since a VPN helps you access restricted content and avoid government censorship, it’s best if the VPN has a zero-log policy. This means no logs are collected whatsoever. Some VPN services only collect logs for some period while others only collect your payment and sign in info. The best VPN will have a Zero Log policy.

Extra features

These features affect the overall rating of a VPN, and they are also of great significance since they enable you to get services which are not offered elsewhere. These features include;

  • Simultaneous connections

A good VPN will offer you more than one concurrent connection; they mostly range from three to six connections for a single account. This means that you won’t have to buy a plan for every device you have in your house. For instance, a VPN that has 6 simultaneous connections is better as you will use a VPN based router and connect all your devices without limitations.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth with no data capping

A good VPN will ensure that you get unlimited bandwidth without throttling from your ISP. This will help you to stream without any worries and also game without lags.

  • Good customer care

The best VPN is supposed to have an around the clock 24/7 5-star customer services. They should also sport a live chat for instant support. This will help you solve and trouble any problem you might face without any difficulty.

  • Features such as Kill-Switch

A kill switch will block any traffic when the VPN connection drops. Other features such as double tunneling are also necessary for privacy.

  • Payment features

To promote anonymity and privacy, a good VPN should offer many payment options including the digital cryptocurrency. The VPN provider should also give a 30-day money back guarantee and even trial periods.

All the above factors are necessary when determining if the VPN you want to use is best suited for your need, hence a good VPN.  Below you’ll find our criteria used when reviewing VPN services. 

Overall: Weighted rating based on speed, privacy, and features.

Features: Factors in extras the VPN provider adds. Examples are custom built VPN clients, multiple logins, technical support.

Privacy: Based on factors such as if the VPN provider logs traffic, what personal information is collected, inclusion of anonymous payment methods, encryption strength. Speed: Based on speed test results.

Value: Considering price, features, and speed

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