How to watch Eurosport in the US

how to stream eurosport from the US

Eurosport is the service Europeans and the British use to stream a ton of live sports. As of 2018, it even had the rights to broadcast the Olympics, as well as cycling, football, Wimbledon tennis and many, many other sporting fixtures and events.

But, there is an issue with Eurosport.

It’s heavily geoblocked.

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There’s coverage across 54 countries. Watching it inside the EU isn’t hard. And there’s an English-language British version. (It’s even available in India, as DSport.)

Where it isn’t available, is the USA.

Eurosport is geoblocked in the USA

So if you want to watch Eurosport events in America, what are your options?

One option is to look for channels or services that stream the specific sports you’re interested in. For instance, has plenty of cycling, though it also has an invalid SSL certificate.

But what if you want it direct from the source?

This Redditor is on the money:

Watch Eurosport with a VPN

To watch European TV, you need a European IP address. (That’s the digital information that websites use to figure out where you’re located.)

You can do that two ways. One is to move to Europe, but it’s a little extreme just to watch sports TV.

The other would be to get a VPN.

Watch Eurosport in America with a VPN

VPNs disguise your IP address by sending your data encrypted to a server at a second location before it’s released onto the open web.

Time was, you could just open a VPN, pick a server and see anything you wanted from that location. But that’s no longer true.

While you can still get a look at, say, German Google with any VPN, you can’t stream anything you want with just any VPN.

Streaming services geoblock for a reason — usually, because it’s a part of their agreement with rights holders. So they have to be strict about it. Over the last few years, they’ve all gotten a lot better at spotting who’s using a VPN and blocking you if you try.

They do this using tools like packet inspection, which looks at the traffic you send to see if it looks like it comes from a VPN, as well as blacklisting known VPN servers.

VPN providers have a range of tools to get around this. One is having a massive server net. Another is obfuscation, which disguises the traffic you send so it looks like normal internet traffic and doesn’t set off VPN-blocking software.

You also need to make sure you get a VPN that actually keeps you safe. Even if seurity isn’t your first concern, you don’t want a VPN that spies on you or potentially infects you with malware — which means avoiding free VPNs. Over three quarters of these log your behavior and sell that data to advertisers, and the malware risk is real too.

Which VPN to watch Eurosport?

So you need a paid VPN that reliably unblocks content and takes security seriously.

We recommend NordVPN for that.


"A speedy VPN that's very easy to use and covers basic privacy needs well enough"

  • Excellent available variety of servers
  • Servers are fast and secure
  • Offers six connections
$11.95 $3.99 per month
Save 66%

Of the streaming VPNs we tested, Nord isn’t the fastest or the most secure — but it scores very high in both categories. Use Nord and you’re almost certain to be safe and secure.

More importantly, with a massive, 5,000+ server net that’s growing all the time and excellent obfuscation, Nord reliably unblocks content worldwide.

Fire up Nord, get connected to a UK server and start watching Eursport: it’s that simple!

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