How to Stream Star Trek Discovery Season 02

How to Stream Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek’s thrillingest, mushroomiest franchise returns for another season. Michael and crew, even including a certain Captain Pike, will be addressing personal issues and saving the galaxy weekly on Netflix.

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Discovery’s addition to the Star Trek universe(s) starts ten years before the original series’ Kirk, Spock and ‘Bones’ McCoy’s mission begins. Set aboard the USS Discovery, the first season followed recently-furloughed mutineer Michael Burnham as she assisted Captain Lorca and his crew in their efforts to win a war against a radical Klingon cleric and his adherents.

The dust from that is far from settled in season 2 of the show, but the emphasis has shifted now that the war has been won. The show is joined by Christopher Pike, star of the original series’ pilot, The Cage. (Played by a different actor, of course.)

We’ll also meet Spock, Michael’s foster brother; there’s some serious character development on the horizon, as well as mysterious space objects to investigate.

Discovery’s Cast

Discoverys cast


Discovery’s showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg have been fired, replaced by Akiva Goldsmen.

Other than that, though, Star Trek: Discovery keeps its core cast going into Season 2: Michael (Sonequa Martin-Green), Anthony Rapps’ Stamets, Mary Wiseman’s Tilly and Doug Jones’ Saru are all back. (So is Hugh Culber, played by Wilson Cruz. Killed at the end of the last season, Culber is back in an expanded role.)

Necessarily, though, some characters aren’t coming back. Lorca’s likely gone for good. We probably won’t see Michelle Yeoh again. And Voq’?


According to actor Shazad Latif, Voq’ will return in season two with a different, more complex characterization. ‘It’s like another new version – now he’s meshed, now he’s got Voq’s memories. That’s where we’re sitting,’ says Latif.

‘So he can access those memories at certain points, or something might bleed through, y’know, Incredible Hulk-style, almost,’ Latif continues. ‘That’s  why it’s confusing for their relationship now, because L’Rell knows that somewhere there’s some remnants of Voq, but it’s this other guy!’

There will be some new faces too. Anson Mount as the legendary Christopher Pike, a very un-Lorca-like captain who even voluntarily cedes command back to Saru in the first episode. And Ethan Peck will play Spock, Michael’s foster-brother.

Where can you watch Star Trek: Discovery Season 2?

Where can you watch Star Trek: DIscovery Season 02?


Star Trek: Discovery is available to stream on Netflix and CBS: All Access, depending on your location. CBS: All Access is releasing episodes at the same time as Netflix, weekly on Fridays. The release schedule seems to be the same internationally, meaning you should be able to see Discovery wherever you are.


How to stream Star Trek: Discovery

How to Stream Star Trek Discovery

 You shouldn’t need anything more than a working CBS: All Access or Netflix subscription.

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