How to Stream The Passage regardless of your location

How to Stream the Passage regardless of location

Fox’s adaptation of the best-selling vampire series The Passage aired on January 14. Here’s what to expect, and how to watch it — anywhere you are. We dugg through all the possibilities for streaming the show regardless of your location and found a solution!

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What is The Passage about?

Adapted by Liz Heldens from author Justin Cronin’s best-selling The Passage trilogy, the Fox show is a character-driven epic executive-produced by Ridley Scott. Yep — that Ridley Scott.

At the core of the show’s plot is Project NOAH, a secret medical facility where scientists are experimenting with a virus that could theoretically be used to cure all diseases, but which also has the potential to misfire and kill almost everybody. In typical TV show form, they just roll the dice rather than taking a step back and considering whether a few diseases might be an OK price to pay for not being exterminated.

Protagonist Amy Belafonte is chosen to be a test subject and Federal Agent Brad Wolgast is tasked with physically bringing her to the Project NOAH facility. The journey changes his attitude to Amy and Project NOAH and soon Wolgast has become Amy’s substitute father and protector.

Inevitably, this triggers a confrontation with key NOAH personnel, notably lead scientists Nicholas Sykes and Jonas Lear, as well as security operatives. But it also brings Amy and Wolgast into confrontation with an entirely new race of beings created within the walls of Project NOAH, including former scientists, death row inmate test subjects and others.

Inside Project NOAH, the core scientific team home in on a cure that could save humanity — while their mutant test subjects work on an escape plan that could doom the species.

The Passage Cast

The Cast of the Passage

The main cast of the series centers on Aniyya Sidney as lead character Amy Belafonte, supported by Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Brad Wolgast. In other roles, we’ll see Genesis Rodriguez (Time After Time, Big Hero 6) as Alicia, with B.J. Britt (Antoine Triplett from Agents of SHIELD, Pitch) as Peter and Jennifer Ferrin (Hell on Wheels, Time After Time) as Sarah.

Brianne Howey (Fox’s The Exorcist, Horrible Bosses 2) plays test subject Shauna, and Vincent Piazza (Boardwalk Empire) will play Clark Richards, a character with the makings of a standout and described as brilliant and charming with a dark sense of humor — “all restless energy and fierce intelligence.”

The show will also feature Jamie McShane as Dr Tim Fanning, Caroline Chikezie as Dr Major Nichole Sykes, Emmanuelle Chriqui as Dr Lila Kyle, Brianne Howey as Shauna Babcock, McKinley Belcher III as Anthony Carter, and Henry Ian Cusick as Dr Jonas Lear.

Where can you watch The Passage?

Fox aired The Passage on January 14, so if you’re in the US you’re golden.

But Fox is geoblocked outisde the USA. So if you can’t access it because you’re in the wrong location, what can you do?

How to stream The Passage — wherever you are

How to Stream the Passage regardless of location

To stream The Passage even if you’re outside the USA, you’ll need a VPN. VPNs let you view content from anywhere in the world by disguising your IP address, which streaming services use to identify your location.

The trouble is, some VPNs don’t work any more. Streaming services are getting better at spotting if you’re using a VPN, so you need to carefully choose one that you know will unlock the content you want. Luckily, we found a solution for you after some extensive didding.


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We recommend NordVPN for streaming. It’s not the fastest, though it’s fast enough to stream without glitches and buffering. And it’s secure, witha  ton of extra features if that’s your thing.

Most importantly, it reliably unblocks geoblocked content from around the world, so you know all you have to do is fire it up, select a Us server, and you’re ready to stream The Passage.

If you’d rather shop around and make your own choice, start here — with our guide to the best VPNs for streaming.

VPN Adviser
VPN Adviser

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