How to watch and Stream Season 23 of The Bachelor

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The Bachelor is back for its 23rd season on BC. Here’s the lowdown on who’s on the show, and how to watch it wherever you are.

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Meet the Bachelor of season 23

The Bachelor’s basic format hasn’t changed that much since its first season. It’s even still hosted by Chris Harrison. A bachelor gradually winnows down a group of would-be marriage partners until he’s left with just the one  — or The One — to whom he proposes. Group dates are interspersed with one-on-one dates; some episodes feature extravaganzas, performances by chart-toppers and horse rides to hot tubs; others are more prosaic, but the structure — dream dates plus elimination — stays constant.

The Bachelor Season 23 Cast

The Cast of the Bachelor Season 23If you caught the Bachelor’s three-hour premiere on January 7, you’ve met the cast of this year’s show already. If not, here’s a quick rundown.

The bachelorettes are a mix, including a model, a speech therapist, a DJ and last year’s Miss North Carolina — and last year’s Miss Alabama.

ABC describes the bachelorettes as ‘a pageant star who calls herself the “hot-mess express,” a confident Nigerian beauty with a loud-and-proud personality; a deceptively bubbly spitfire who is hiding a dark family secret, a California beach blonde who has a secret that ironically may make her the Bachelor’s perfect match, and a lovable phlebotomist.’

This year’s bachelor is Colton Underwood:

Colton Underwood the BachelorColton’s a franchise veteran, first appearing on season 14 of The Bachelorette, and being sent home after saying he had fallen in love with that season’s bachelorette, Becca Kufrin. Now the former NFL player is back and looking for love again.

Where can you watch The Bachelor Season 23?

Episodes are released weekly to ABC Go, and they’re available for one week after their release date. If you live outside the USA, though, you might need cable access to watch it.

Failing that, you could try a VPN.

VPNs disguide your IP address, maing it look like you’re actually somewhere else. So if you want to watch The Bachelor, but you’re not in the USA right now, a VPN can allow you to stream direct from ABC wherever you are.

Not all VPNs work for streaming content, though. Ones with small server networks are often blacklisted, and some can be spotted as VPN traffic by streaming sites and blocked. (Don’t even think about free ones. They’re all dangerously insecure and over three quarters of them track you and sell your data to advertisers.

So you need a VPN that works to unblock the content you want, and keeps you secure and safe while you use it.

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How to Stream the Bachelor from any location

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