Stream the Punisher Season 02 on Netflix

Stream the Punisher Season 2

Rumors of cancellation notwithstanding, Frank Castle is back on Netflix to continue explaining the difference between punishment and vengeance with his fists (and a variety of weapons).

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Netflix’ The Punisher: the lowdown

Frank Castle fights on in Marvel’s TV adaptation, sharing the Marvel Cinematic Universe with other efforts across TV and film. It’s the second season, and kicks off with Castle burning the presidential pardon he received at the end of last season as part of his agreement with Homeland Security. The message? ‘Back to work.’

Season two will see Castle fighting new villains, and meeting new allies, as he moves out of New York and takes his show on the road across America.

Who’s who: The Punisher Cast

Cast of the PunisherJon Bernthal returns for a second season as Frank Castle, along with Marvel standby Royce Johnson, reprising the Brett Mahoney role he played in Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Season two also introduces some new characters, including Krista Dumont, a psychiatrist specializing in veterans, who will be played by Supergirl actress Floriana Lima. There’s even a kind of love interest for Castle, in the person of Beth Quinn (played by Alexa Davalos), a single mother who runs Lola’s Roadhouse.

Ben Barnes plays Billy Russo, Amber Rose Revah will play Dinah Madani and Josh Stewart plays John Pilgrim.

Where can you watch The Punisher?

Stream the Punisher on NetflxAll 13 episodes of The Pubisher season 2 were released on Netflix on January 18 this year. The show’s a Netflix Original, so it’s available across all regions. If you have a Netflix account, you should be able to binge The Punisher to your heart’s content, wherever you are.

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