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Banana VPN offers internet users the perfect VPN to protect themselves and access restricted or blocked websites. The VPN provider gives access to servers placed in eight different countries providing secure internet browsing via virtual channels using OpenVPN, 12tp and PPTP protocol technologies. With Banana VPN working from anywhere in the world to provide unfiltered connections and top security it earned favourable mentions in PC World, Znet and PCM magazines. 

By subscribing with Banana VPN individuals worldwide enjoy an extra layer of top security that offers anonymity during internet surfing while having the ability to connect to servers and choose an IP address in several countries including the United Kingdom and United States to name only two. The VPN enables the use of geo-restricted websites such as Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, and Google Talk in areas such as the Middle East, Guyana, Kuwait, Brazil, Turkey and Singapore as well as other services in countries around the globe. Banana VPN offers reliable VPN services across a variety of platforms and operating systems, including Windows, Android, MacOS, Linux and iOS.

With the use of Banana VPN access is granted to a tunnel or Virtual private network to the internet, each connection is encrypted and anonymous and keeps all activities secure and hidden. It is a brilliant option for all individuals that require privacy and online security. With a personal Banana VPN account, you are able to use the internet freely as it offers the ability to bypass restrictions and has been voted best for users based in China, Thailand, the UAE and Dubai.

It is no secret that wi-fi hotspots are now known as hackers delights since free wi-fi offered at restaurants, hotels and coffee shops are under the most targeted by online hackers and identity thieves. With the use of the VPN all connection, including wi-fi hotspots are encrypted via 128-bit encryption, and your IP address is replaced with a VPN server IP address making it untraceable as well as un-trackable. It is also the most favoured VPN for anyone who resides, works or lives in an area that is internet access regulated. Banana VPN is a three-in-one solution that changes subscribers IP address, encrypt all their internet activities as it is tunnelled through proxies and protected via firewalls. 

  • PROS
    • 128-bit encryption technology
    • Informative Support Guides
  • CONS
    • No 24/7 support available

Banana VPN Features:

Banana VPN offers a bouquet of exciting benefits, which offers anonymity, security, and freedom as well as several other benefits as listed below:

Provides an additional layer of anonymity and security 

  • Prevent ISPs from throttling, spying and regulating connections
  • Stops hackers, marketers and any other third-parties from tracking you by your IP address
  • An encrypted connection between computers and the Internet
  • Provides access to geo-restricted and blocked sites by bypassing content filters and proxy
  • Internet Service Provider won’t be able to identify the use of Banana VPN
  • Anyone can bypass MSN and Skype blocks in countries where it is restricted
  • Skype sound quality often is improved via the use of a VPN service
  • Removes censorship or restrictions from sites such as Orkut, Facebook, YouTube, Xing as well as television, sport or news sites

Banana VPN is easy to download and set up since it works with most devices and computers, other advantages and benefits offered via the service provider also includes:

  • Replacement of real IP addresses by giving users a new one according to server connection
  • Banana VPN anonymise subscribers at work or school even behind a firewall
  • Original IP addresses are replaced via static UK, USA or CA, IP address
  • 128-bit encryption technology prevents government, ISP or hackers from spying on you
  • The VPN service uses PPTP protocol which is easy and fast to setup
  • L2TP, SSTP, and IPSec VPN protocols are also included
  • Banana VPN VOIP Devices allowing users to make calls even when blocked by your ISP
  • Complete wi-fi hotspot protection and all data on your mobile device or computer remain fully encrypted.
  • Complete security of privacy when devices are connected to hotels, restaurant, airports, or even internet cafes
  • Robust protection from DNS spoofing
  • 100% protection against popular forms of a virus or online attacks
  • Banana VPN offers uncensored internet in many countries including Asia and the Middle East, which include for example blockage by Etisalat proxy in Qatar, Qtel or Dubai or even behind the firewall of China.

Banana VPN Pricing

Banana VPN offers a 7-day refund plan and performs detailed checks on all orders before processing, and this could lead to the VPN supplier requesting copies of credits cards or ID. Everything is quite straightforward with Banana VPN, and new subscribers have one of three options to select from, which includes either the monthly, half-yearly or yearly plan:

The Banana VPN Monthly Plan: $14.99 payable per month

  • New subscribers can look forward to paying only half-price for the first month by using the half-price discount coupon.

The Half- Yearly Banana VPN Option: $60.00 payable 6-monthly

  • Users that register for the first time with Banana VPN can select the 6-month plan, which works out to only $10,00 per month
  • By using the one-time 50% discount coupon, the 6-month plan is discounted by $30.00

One-Year Banana VPN Option: $100.00

  • All plans offer a 7-day refund period since Banana VPN offers no trial period
  • Even on the 12-month plan, new users can choose to use the 50% discount coupon, which offers a massive $50.00 discount on the yearly plan

What is quite different about Banana VPN is that an order form needs to be completed once a subscription plan is selected. The order form requires company names as well as GST/Vat numbers, and for individuals, it requires first and last names, email address, home address, and contact details.

In the additional information block, newbies need to give a purpose for the VPN use, and lastly, new users need to complete the payment information section.

Payment options offered by Banana VPN: Visa, JCB, Maestro, American Express, MasterCard and Visa. All financial transaction and accounts are handled by BlueSnap, which is a reseller for services offered by Melba Limited, although all personal information and sensitive banking details are secured via MacAfee Secure.

How to install Banana VPN

The technical support guide offered by Banana VPN provides tutorials and answers all question regarding installations of new services, connection difficulties, and several other queries.

Installing Banana VPN on your system:

  • Start by opening the Control Panel on the Start Menu
  • Select and double-click on ‘Network Connections’
  • On the left menu select the option called “Create a new connection”
  • Be on the lookout for the New Connection Wizard
  • Select next followed by “Connect to the network at my workplace”
  • Once done click on Next
  • Choose Virtual Private Network option and then click on Next
  • When asked for a company name, enter: Banana VPN
  • Public Network window will be visible, choose “Do not dial the initial connection” and then Next
  • Hostname or IP address will be required next, enter the IP provided via email, select Next
  • Check the box to add a connection to your desktop and select Finish.

  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • IOS
    • Linux
    • MAC
    • Windows

It is important for individuals in Guyana, Morocco, Belize and Oman to know that both GRE and PPTP is blocked in these areas and therefore Banana VPN recommends the use of IPSec or L2TP VPN offered in a section that is directed at such difficulties.

Banana VPN Server Locations

Since October 2013, Banana VPN offers users fast connect to servers placed in several countries around the globe, which includes

Speed and Overall Performance

Praised by thousands of happy customers for speed, reliability and great performance, Banana VPN also includes acceptable VPN downloading and uploading speeds. During multiple tests, the average download speed is around 50Mbps while the upload is 1.5 Mbps.


What impresses most about Banana VPN is how easy it is to navigate the website, find country-specific tutorials and how easy it is to follow the instructions. The service provider does not permit any Emule, Torrents or P2P, while most individuals are happy with access to services such as SKY, ITV, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu and other geo-restricted services. Even though no trial period is available, Banana VPN offers a 7-day money-back guarantee, and first-time subscribers can use the pay-for-half the month coupon or subscribers of 6 months to 12 months get to claim a once off 50% on the entire subscription period. With protocols supported such’s as SSTP, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP across all devices including Windows, Linus, Android, MacOS, iOS and routers, Banana VPN is a great option for anyone who requires anonymity, security while on the web or while using wi-fi hotspots, as well as unblocking all restricted websites.