Buffered VPN Review

Fastest VPN service provider that offers unlimited speed, bandwidth and server switches as well as 30-days money back guarantee.

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Our Review

Buffered is a VPN that routes all user traffic through a VPN tunnel, which encrypts all, date and makes it indecipherable to hackers and governments. VPN services like Buffered can see users traffic as much as an ISP can when a VPN is not running, although the company does not log online activities since they are focused on providing users with complete security and privacy. Web sites such as Gmail, eBay and PayPal uses HTTP protocols, and since Buffered utilizes OpenVPN protocol, it will look to Internet Service Providers that users are browsing from a secure HTTP website.

The VPN service offered by Buffered encrypt users traffic transit and at the same time hides the users IP address, which ensures that all online activity are secure and anonymous web browsing is possible while all personal date remains completely private. The company recommends the use of OpenVPN protocol instead of Layer-2-Tunnel protocol since t is secured via 256-Blowfish encryption, more flexible, ultra modern and allows users to bypass firewalls with ease.

OpenVPN is the superior choice and users are free of security stress since the protocol allows the implementation of the best encryption available and Blowfish encryption is of the same standard as used by US military. By utilizing OpenVPN, there is no firewall that cannot be bypassed and because OpenVPN is the most crowd-sourced after the anonymous protocol is constantly adapting and evolving together with technological discoveries. Buffered’s user-friendly VPN client is compatible with all devices running Android, iOS, OSX, Linux, and Windows.

Buffered VPN Features

Buffered currently have servers in 37 different countries, and new servers are added regularly. The VPN service offers unlimited bandwidth, speed, and server changes while it also allows users to make use of 5 simultaneous connections from anywhere around the globe.

Users who decide to use Buffered’s services enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee, easy installation of a native client for Linux, Mac, and Windows and are guaranteed that no logs are kept on online activities. The service also provides people around the world to hide their IP address, encrypt all emails, browse the web anonymously and protect their locations.

Buffered VPN is the perfect option for anyone who requires access to content that needs bypassing of online censorship or would like to surf anonymously while their personal information, IP address, and location are kept secret from others as well as their ISP. With Buffered installed it is finally possible to relax about security, which also includes Wi-Fi connections and players can use their credit cards and other payment forms knowing it is impossible from spying eyes to gain access to it. Several online users find Buffered VPN services great since they can avoid censorship and gain access to any website, bypass workplace or government restrictions.

  • PROS
    • Works On Just About Any Device
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Affordable Monthly Rates
    • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
    • Great Connection Speed
  • CONS
    • Small Server Network

Buffered VPN Pricing

Buffered VPN offers three different options to cater for everyone’s needs, and new users can choose a monthly, yearly or bi-annual plan. All plans include 24/7 support as well as unlimited high-speed bandwidth. The monthly plan is available at USD 12.99 per month, billed monthly, while the yearly plan works out to USD 8.25 per month and is billed at USD 99.00 every twelve months and by taking this plan users save 36%. The bi-annual option works out to USD 9.99 per month and users are billed every six months for an amount of $59.94. Payments are accepted via credit cards such as Visa, Discover, American Express, JCB, Maestro, MasterCard, and payments are now also accepted via PayPal. Buffered is registered in Hungary and Buffered payments in England process all payments, Buffered Limited is registered in Gibraltar.


How to install Buffered VPN

Buffered VPN’s tutorials include Tunnelblick on Mac OSX, OpenVPN on Windows, Open VPN on iPad and iPhone, Buffered VPN on Tomato enabled routers, DD-WRT routers as well as Buffered VPN installation on Android, Linux, Mac OS X, Mac OS D EI Capitan, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. The Tunnelblick for Mac OS X advises users that they could instead of Buffered OSX software could use an OpenVPN although they would need first to download Tunnelblick and after that download an opvn file. Tunnelblick requires or more installation configurations to connect to a VPN and configuration files have extensions of. conf, .ovpn and .tblk.

The set up of OpenVPN for iPad and iPhone owners includes downloading of the OpenVPN Connect application from the App Store and then each device needs to be setup via a long process explained on the Buffered website.

The basic set up for Buffered VPN on a router that is Tomato enabled starts off with the downloading of a .ovpn file, opening the text editor in Notepad++, navigation to the router IP address and then the navigation to VPN tunneling – OpenVPN client. The basic setting after that includes start by enabling WAN, setting interface to TUN, select UDP protocol, and in the .ovpn file the remote line provides users with the IP of the server and port 443. The firewall should be set to automatic, authorization to TLS and users can then enter their Buffered password and username while setting the extra HMAC to authorize outgoing and enabling the NAT on tunnel. The advance setting that users need to follow include setting poll interval to zero, enabling redirect internet traffic, use encryption Cipher as the default and set TLS renegotion to minus one, connection retry to 30 and verify that server certificate is disabled.

  • Supported Platforms
    • MAC
    • Windows

Speed and Overall Performance

With Buffered VPN users, online connections through will be relatively slower although the company guarantees that the drop in speed is hardly noticeable. The reasons for the decrease in speed is mainly due to the high-encryption quality part of the VPN services, that there are too many users on the specific servers or that the server is physically too far away from the user’s location.

Country Buffered VPN provided

The 37 countries Buffered servers are located include the UK; Switzerland; South Africa, Romania, Panama, Netherlands, Latvia, Italy,  India, France, Canada, and Belgium. In addition to those mentioned, servers are found in the Ukraine, Sweden, Singapore, Portugal, Norway, Mexico, Korea, Israel, Iceland, Finland, Bulgaria, Austria and the United States. Turkey, Spain, Russian Federation, Poland, New Zealand, Luxemburg, Japan, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Brazil and Australia also have servers.

Buffered can offer users three budget-friendly subscriptions plan, a 30-day refund policy, 100% secure online connections, reliable 24/7 assistance, and unrestricted access to blocked content such as iPlayer, BBC, HBO Go, Now TV, Netflix US, and Hulu. Router compatibility is offered with both Tomato enabled routers and DD-WRT, while cross-platform optimization is offered on Android, iOS, OS X, Windows, and Linux. Users have full control over connections; enjoy unlimited bandwidth, access to 38 high-speed servers, complete privacy and safety is guaranteed via military grade encryption.


Buffered VPN secures users Internet privacy and its strict no logging policy guarantees that the company would never keep usage logs. Performance logs are stores as well as connection logs for the use of the company’s records. Connection logs are kept on how long users are connected to Buffered VPN, how often they connect, the amount of data that is used during transfers and times that users connect to the service. The stored data is used to improve services as well as assist in troubleshooting technical errors.

With Buffered VPN installed hackers are unable to steal information such as bank account info, videos, private photos, email content, passwords or credit card numbers. The military encryption technology used by the company enable users to take advantage of surveillance free online browsing and its security protocols encrypt all online traffic. Surveillance agencies and the government are not able to monitor users online activities since as their online traffic is displayed as undecipherable gibberish and it will seem that the connection is a standard website using HTTP protocol.

With 38 servers located across the world, it is easy to make IP addresses instantly to enjoy online browser anonymity. Users continue to renew their subscriptions plans at the end of term due to stable and high-speed connections offered, and new servers are added regularly. The test firewall option provides all Buffered VPN clients the opportunity to test firewall in order to see ports available, full power to customize security and speed connections as well as the most convenient option to switch between TCP and UDP. Buffered VPN offer great services at affordable options, and its 30-money back guarantee proves that company is sure it can provide