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Double VPN is a brilliant option for individuals who required the maximum online security, unlimited traffic, exceptional connection speed, professional support and often must bypass ISP site blocking. Created by Art-Creative web development team known for its extensive development experience, individual approach and a full range of products, Double VPN offers outstanding services and guarantees the highest level of protection via double encryption.

Besides top-grade encryption, Double VPN enhances user’s security and anonymity via the additional layer which also improves connections speeds. Via a regular VPN, users connect to a VPN server and then to the sites they wish to visit, with double VPN you first connect to a VPN server, then through to another or second VPN server and only then to the website or service. This offers double encrypted security, which makes Double VPN the obvious choice for anyone that connects to public Wi-Fi, do online banking, online shopping or wish to keep their data safe from hackers and any third parties.

Anyone using Double VPN are free from any concern that their personal data could be infiltrated, while the service keeps no logs, uses strong crypto algorithms to ensure complete security, protects all user’s internet traffic by encrypting it with symmetrical AES-256-CBC and with a hidden IP address anonymous surfing is part of the wide selection of benefits. Other advantages that make Double VPN one of the most preferred by security conscious individuals around the globe is its stable servers, a variety of tariff plans and its discounted rates to regular users.

  • PROS
    • Subscription Autoprolongation
    • Wide Selection of Payment Options
    • Double or Triple VPN Services
    • Strongest Crypto algorithms
    • High Connection Speed
  • CONS
    • Might Seem Expensive

By checking your IP via the “My IP” link it is possible to determine what information is displayed on the web including your location, IP address, system used, open ports, connection type and even view the last 10 websites visited, which are all information most individuals wish to keep out of view of hackers, or identity thieves. Security is a concern for all online users and to determine whether Double VPN is the perfect solution for your privacy concerns, Double VPN offers two links to articles relating their work and achievements over the past five years.

Double VPN Features

Double VPN offers an impressively long list of benefits and users enjoy guaranteed anonymity, bypass ISP censorship, excellent connection speed, can rely on 100% uptime, need never to worry again about no connection breaks and can pay via varies banking methods.

With Double VPN the sites you use won’t notice the use of a VPN since with Double VPN’s reverse ping is forbid by the servers. Apart from appearing as a normal visitor on all sites browsed, users enjoy the maximum security, and their anonymity is 100% guaranteed.

The Double VPN service enables everyone to access blocked by system administrators, bypass government or ISP censorships. It also prevents ISPs from tracking any activity on the internet while Double keeps no logs its client’s downloads or websites accessed.

While most online users are well aware of the risk without the use of VPN services, most are sceptic about the upload and download speeds, which is eliminated entirely via the use of Double VPN’s stable and extremely fast servers guaranteeing 100% uptime. All server’s statuses are continuously monitored to detect any problems and to ensure immediate fixing.

Most VPNs issue members with a new IP address every time they use the service, with Double VPN subscribers have a dedicated IP address. All devices can always be secured via the easy to install and VPN and apart from reasonably priced payment options, loyal users also qualify for a permanent discount of 25%. The Double VPN subscription is higher than other VPN, due to the fact, that no third parties are involved, and users can select single, double or triple protection.

Double VPN Pricing

Double VPN offers three different packages each tailored to cater for individual’s security needs. The three packages provide single VPN security, double security redirecting data through two servers and triple VPN in which requests are redirected via three servers.

Double VPN Simple Package: $25 per month

  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • Apple
    • IOS
    • Linux
    • Windows

With the Simple Package, the Double VPN server receives the user’s request and sends it into the internet. No statistics or logs are kept, and this package offers good anonymity and maximum connection speed. It also offers to the VPN’s anonymous DNS server.

The benefit of the Simple option is that OpenVPN is VPN technologies supported and users can connect from up to 2 devices simultaneously, which would mean one via UDP and one via TCP. This option flawlessly operates with iPad, iPhone, Android, MacOS, Windows and Linux. An optionally dedicated IP address is available and connected to the VPN is via 110, 143, 5190 by default.

Double VPN – Double Package: $36 per month

With the Double VPN package, the user’s request is received, redirected to a second server and then send into the internet. This eliminates all threats and double secure all activities, while no logs or statistics are kept, it is one of the best anonymity combinations available and offers access to Double VPN’s anonymous DNS server.

Again, all users on this package can connect via two devices at the same time provided one is via UDP and the other TCP, which connects by default to port 443. This option works excellent on Android, iPad, iPhone, MacOS, Linux and Windows, while an optionally dedicated IP address can be requested.

Double VPN Triple Package: $42

The Triple package offers security conscious individuals the perfect option to enjoy the highest possible level of security on desktops or mobile devices. With the triple option, the first server receives the user’s request, redirects it to the second server and the second server again redirects it to a third server before it is sent to the internet.

It is impossible to keep any logs or statistics on the user’s request is sent via three different servers, and this option offers maximum anonymity, while access is offered to the Double VPN anonymous DNS server and OpenVPN enjoys VPN technologies support. Even on this option subscribers can connect via two devices at once via UDP and TCP, the default port is 443 and this option offers ultimate protection on iPad, Android, MacOS, Windows, iPhone and Linux. A dedicated IP address is available on the triple option as well. 

Payment methods accepted by Double VPN: Visa, OKPAY, WebMoney, MasterCard, Qiwi, Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Liqpay. It is important to take notice of the fact that Double VPN offers no money back due to the high risks connected with its services.

How to install Double VPN

To install Double VPN’s OpenVPN on Windows Vista, the process might be much easier than most expect:

  1. Download the most recent version of OpenVPN from the Double VPN website
  2. Install software and launch downloaded file followed by “next.”
  3. Read and agree to license agreement
  4. Select components required
  5. Select OpenVPN path for installation
  6. Once status informs are completed select “next.”
  7. Visit subscription page to unpack the archive of downloads
  8. OpenVPN GUI (shortcut located on the start menu)
  9. Connect to server
  10. Enjoy the best VPN protection available

Double VPN offers exceptional security on all systems and display step-by-step tutorial onsite to ensure downloading, and installation takes only a few minutes on MacOS, Linux, Windows10, Windows Vista 1/7 and Windows 8. Mobile instructions include how to install for Android, iPad and iPhone.

Apart from the easy to follow instruction manuals, users can also rely on the support offered via live chat, email, ICQ, Jabber and telegram. Support is available in both English and Russian.

Speed and Overall Performance

Double VPN’s network capacity is monitored via statistics that display each of the server’s availability for the last 4 minutes, which allows the service provider to constantly ensure everyone enjoys the best connection speeds. For user’s, the information also indicates the best server to use, while the server in Singapore offers 10Mbit/s all other servers feature a bandwidth of 100Mbit/s.

Double VPN does not limit any client’s bandwidth, ISP’s normally would, although all users that select the Super Unlimited 4Mbit/s tariff will enjoy an extra 4Mbit/s. Using the double VPN package could slightly slow down bandwidth to 3,5 Mbit/s.

Countries Double VPN Servers are Located


If it is the highest level of security, combined with fast downloading speed, complete anonymity and no logs kept at all, then Double VPN is the perfect VPN service providers. A user can select from single, double or even triple VPN coverage and never ever have to be concerned when using Wi-Fi in public, slow speeds or that hackers, ISPs or government will be able to trace any online actions