Hide My Ass VPN Review

Hide My Ass VPN is the perfect solution for users who requires the fastest speed, and the VPN offers speeds that are faster than most proxy services, and HD streaming is easy while extreme security protects all activities including gaming from hackers.

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Our Review

Hide My Ass is a VPN services provider that offers its users hundreds of VPN servers located across the globe. The uncomplicated use and user-friendly interface, as well as great connection and download speed, offers computer experts, as well as casual users, the freedom to enjoy the entire Internet network, unblock websites and surf anonymously. The cheeky name is part of its popularity although millions of users found the security, anonymity, and privacy with Hide My Ass they wished for. The VPN service works on all platforms and devices such as game consoles smart televisions, desktops, laptops and Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices.

Hide My Ass VPNs massive global network offers more servers than most VPN service providers and millions of users prefer this VPN due to its fast and reliable access to over 800 VPN servers located in over 190 countries, 320 destination and users have access to over 44,000 IP addresses.

Hide My Ass VPN is currently not available and will be back within a few months to offer online users an improved service. After taking into consideration what users most wanted and by utilizing the latest technology many fans await its return. The main reason why the VPN service is so popular is its free proxy service, and the virtual private network manages users Internet traffic via remote servers to allow the unblocking of websites, anonymous browsing, and all online activity is hidden from Internet service providers, cyber criminals and third parties including government. Compared to other VPN service providers, Hide My Ass VPN wins the competition hands down when it comes to flexibility, security, and speed.

The free VPN proxy service works exclusively on users browser used for the Internet while the complete Hide My Ass VPN service protects users entire connection and can be used to obtain the highest level of privacy and security on apps like Skype and devices the VPN is compatible with include gaming consoles as well as mobile devices.

Hide My Ass VPN is the perfect solution for users who requires the fastest speed, and the VPN offers speeds that are faster than most proxy services, and HD streaming is easy while extreme security protects all activities including gaming from hackers. While the fast speed is one of its main features, the VPN offers great protection, and all connections are safeguarded via the highest level of encryption that is unbreakable by government or snoopers.

Hide My Ass VPN Features

Currently, the Hyde My Ass free proxy is offered in only three countries although the paid subscriptions provide access to servers located in over 190 countries and more servers are constantly added. Once the VPN service returns, it is almost guaranteed that more servers would have been added worldwide. With global access there are no barriers in accessing any online website across the globe and user can enjoy anonymous browsing from anywhere even when visiting overseas.

With HideMyAss VPN it is possible to bypass all online restrictions and access foreign content, the VPN service also provides users with the perfect tool to block and prevent marketing websites from gaining your location, and IP addresses are hidden while alternative IP addresses and IP locations prevent all monitoring and tracking of users activities. The VPN is usable on all devices and can be accessed simultaneously on up to two devices.

The sole purpose of HideMyAss VPN is to protect users and provide Internet browsing freedom. This is achieved by hiding users real IP address once they connect to any of the VPN servers and the IP address assigned by your Internet Service Provider is masked or replaced by one of over 44,000 IP addresses from the over 190 VPN servers.

Hide My Ass VPN features several strongly recommended VPN downloads compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows.

  • PROS
    • Over 44
    • 000 VPN IP Addresses
    • Anonymous Web Surfing
    • Unrestricted Proxy Access
    • Tutorials In Several Languages
    • Compatible Across All Platforms
  • CONS
    • Pricey

Hide My Ass VPN Pricing

HideMyAss VPN can be obtained in four easy steps, and all packages come with a thirty-day money back guarantee and can be canceled at any time. The four steps to Internet browsing freedom and the highest level of security include selecting your discounted option, entering a valid e-mail address, creating a personal account and downloading the app.

The one month option is prepaid monthly and works out to around $8.99, and for users who require a long-term VPN service, the 12-month option is available at $79.99, while the six months option is available at a discounted price of $49.99. Prices for multiple connections can be requested via email.

How to install Hide My Ass VPN

The HideMyAss app offers three options to assist users in getting connected quickly. With the instant mode the VPN network finds the closest and fastest server to connect to and for day-to-day use, this is an easy to use solution. The instant mode does have an impact on browsing speed and reduce connection although all browsing is completely private and provide users with an anonymous browsing proxy that is perfect anonymous web browsing.

The location mode enables HideMyAss VPN proxy users to choose any server part of the VPN network, which can be searched for via country or city on the extensive list. A fast server selection feature is available, which is a great help in selecting quicker but do not offer information such as the traffic experienced at each server or the specialty servers.

The freedom mode enables online users to connect to a VPN server that is located in the closest free speech country via a single click. Users testing the freedom mode who were located in Manhattan were connected to a VPN server in Montreal. Although the information displayed on the VPN website do not stipulate protocols such as HTTP protocol, H2TP protocol or OpenVPN protocols the wide selection of Pro VPN installations is offered in several languages, which include Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Deutsch, and English.

  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • IOS
    • Linux
    • MAC
    • Windows

Speed and Overall Performance

VPN users quickly realize that when you select to use a VPN service there is always change to connection speed due to the robust encryption and while it changes for the worst in most cases, Hide My Ass VPN have very little if any effect on Internet connections. Tests carried out via speed tests websites revealed that servers in Alaska, Australia, and Anchorage across vast distances remarkably impressed with low latency and connection speeds decreasing normal connection speed by 5.6 percent with the use of HideMyAss VPN. During the test, the upload and download speeds remained constant.

In International tests, HideMyAss VPN displayed solid uploads that slowed down the connection by 5.5 percent. While there is a difference when connecting to certain servers due to the high encryption, it is worth the almost unnoticeable difference for users who require full security.

Country Hide My Ass VPN provided

Hide My Ass VPN offers more than 800 servers located in more than 320 location, and users have access to over 44,000 IP addresses. The main differentiator when it comes to VPN services is the geographical distribution of servers, and with the huge number of servers offered by HideMyAss VPN, it provides users with a large selection to choose from for spoofing as well as nearby servers in the case of global travel. While several other large VPN service providers do not cover Africa, South, and Central America, HideMyAss VPN covers all regions


Most Linux, Android, MacOS, and Window users normally prefer OpenVPN protocol to connect online. IPSec is a popular choice for iOS users, and while other VPN providers support numerous protocols that allow customers to select HTTP protocol, OpenVPN protocol or any of the others, Hyde My Ass is focused on ease of use and attracts users who care more about connecting to a VPN server.

HideMyAss VPN have headquarters in the United Kingdom where the service provider are required to adhere to mandatory retention data laws and logs are kept of HMA VPN users activity via IP addresses, time of connections and the VPN server connected to for up to three months. While other VPN services do not operate from locations where mandatory data laws require logs, HMA VPN users are mostly comfortable with the law requirements. HideMyAss VPN do keep their promise to never inject irritating advertisements onto users web traffic, and for this reason, thousands of online users are waiting for the new, improved Hide My Ass VPN service to become available.

VPN Plans

    • HMA Pro VPN
    • Price: $12/month
    • Yearly Price: $6.55/month
    • Bandwidth: Unlimited