Hotspotshield VPN Review

Hotspotshield have found the best locations across the globe to offer users the opportunity to connect to several servers without compromising security or browser speed

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  • 7 Overall
  • 6 Features
  • 8 Privacy
  • 7 Speed
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7.2 Total

Our Review

With Hotspotshield VPN all Internet users have the opportunity to get behind a protective shield that offers high security, guaranteed privacy and unrestricted access as well as the freedom to search world information. Currently, over 500 million downloads of HotshotshieldVPN has been recorded and trusted by millions to provide the best protection while no logs are actively stored users privacy are guaranteed. The VPN’s goal is to provide unrestricted access, great download speeds and to offer users an easy, safe way to unblock websites as well as enjoy freedom that includes anonymous website visits.

HotspotshieldVPN offers a wide range of services that can be acquired via several packages shaped to accommodate Internet users needs such as protecting personal information including bank details, downloads, and passwords from hackers and snoopers. While the VPN guarantees no privacy compromises via its no logging policy, it also offers complete security when public Wi-Fi is used. Benefits part of selection Hotspotshield as your VPN service include access to a secure tool that enables unblocking Twitter, Facebook, and it is easy to unblock YouTube or other blocked websites. There are several other reasons why Hotspotshield is a popular VPN, and the main features also include anonymous surfing, hiding IP addresses, secure and private Internet browsing, mobile security as well as Malware protection.

  • PROS
    • Secure Protection Public Wi-Fi
    • Blocked Content Access
    • Anonymous Browsing
    • Cloud-Based Protection
    • Dedicated Customer Support
  • CONS
    • No Free VPN Option

HotspotshieldVPN Features

HotspotshieldVPN is compatible with most devices and by downloading the VPN users gain access to a top secure VPN that makes it easy to everyone to unblock websites, enjoy web browsing anonymously and gain access to sites restricted by governments. HotspotshieldVPN technology enables users to send data that is encrypted and safe from hackers, while the service is available on all iPad, iPhone, Android mobile devices as well as Mac and Windows operating systems. The VPN enable users to bypass firewalls or filters set by network administrators to gain secured access to movies, games and social media sites. An encrypted tunnel offers browsers the opportunity to conduct online activities anonymously without being spied or tracked, and downloads can be enjoyed at great speeds.

Hackers, snoopers, and spammers are highly active online, and by hiding your IP address, it is possible to escape anyone who monitors users online activities to acquire passwords, location as well as credit card details or other sensitive information. Hotspotshield VPN offers an increased level of privacy and security, and once users connect to the Internet via the VPN their passwords, data, transactions, and messages are encrypted and secured. Browsing the Internet using Wi-Fi hotspots in public places are completely safe since the personal VPN service secure browsers private data and web sessions.

HotspotshieldVPN immediately alerts users of sites that contain malware and prevents over 3.5 million phishing, malicious and spam sites from infecting mobile or desktop devices. Millions of mobile users have already the discovered the security benefits of using the VPN and now enjoy complete security on all iPod, iPad as well as iPhone and Android devices without the concern of losing passwords or personal information.

HotspotshieldVPN Pricing

HotspotshieldVPN offers several options and is one of the only VPN services that include a lifetime membership plan.  The four different options all include access to virtual servers located across the world, complete cloud-based malware protection, dedicated and reliable user support, a browsing experience that are ad-free and supports multiple devices.

The one-month option is perfect for anyone who would like to test HotspotshieldVPN and is charged at a once off monthly fee of $12.99. The six months plan is billed at $53.94 every six months and offers a thirty-one percent savings that works out to a monthly fee of $8.99.

The one-year plan is billed yearly at a total cost of $71,88 and offers a saving of fifty tree percent savings with its monthly rate being $5.99.  The truly unique offer is the lifetime subscription option as it provides all the benefits for a one-time charge of $139.99.

  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • IOS
    • Windows

How to install HotspotshieldVPN

HotspotshieldVPN allows users to anonymously browse social networks, use public hotspots and hides your internet activity via an invisible mask that anonymizes your browsing sessions from IPSs, hackers, and government by protecting your identity, IP address and IP location. With the HotspotshieldVPN technology encrypting all online sessions the search independent app directs all online activity through a VPN tunnel that keeps personal data safe and secure. It is also much more than just an antivirus protector, and while most antivirus software does not shield users from Wi-Fi threats, HotspotShield protects every digital footprint, the VPN is easy to download and install and a single click on connect provides an immediate connection to VPN services. The service can be used all the time or only when needed and is compatible with all devices.

By choosing the ultimate VPN for Windows, users have immediate access to hiding their IP address and IP location and can enjoy anonymous web browsing from any destination to protect themselves from snoopers and hackers. Windows clients can also enjoy connecting to public Wi-Fi knowing their activities are completely secured and malware protects all databases from well over 3.5 million domains and Hotspotshield is now available for Windows 10. On, Hotspotshield is amongst the top ten most downloaded and trusted VPN services for Window users and offer benefits such as hiding your IP address to surf websites anonymously, an IP address leaves a digital footprint that allows hackers to use IP addresses to trace Internet users and with Hotspotshield your IP address are randomly replaced. By installing the VPN for Windows users can unblock websites from anywhere and bypass filters.

The Hotspotshield website offers a variety of easy to follow instructions for downloading and installation and experts are available at all times to assist with any questions.

Speed and Overall Performance

HotspotshieldVPN have servers in a huge variety of locations across the world and users can frequently change from one server to the next, the greatest benefit is that the service does not slow down connection speeds even when all browsing are highly protected.

Country HotspotshieldVPN provided

Hotspotshield have found the best locations across the globe to offer users the opportunity to connect to several servers without compromising security or browser speed. VPN server locations include Afghanistan, Austria, Albania, Aruba, Algeria, and Argentina. VPN servers are also located in Columbia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Belgium, Bulgaria, Costa Rica as well as Denmark, Croatia, Czech Republic and Cyprus. Servers is also placed in Ethiopia, Ecuador, Estonia, Egypt, Georgia, France, Finland, Hong Kong, Greece, Germany as well as Gibraltar, Iceland, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, and Ireland. HotspotshieldVPN servers can be accessed in Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, and Malta. Joining that list finds Mexico, Morocco, Moldova, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Serbia and the Seychelles also offering servers, as does South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, Switzerland, Vietnam and several other locations.


Hotspotshield VPNs long list of incredible security and freedom benefits include private browsing, brilliant malware protection, public Wi-Fi security and the option to hide users personal IP addresses.  In an online world infested with hackers, scammers and spammers that track user activity, steal private information and credit card details, Hotspotshield is a VPN that even protects users from ISP spying. As Internet service providers record all web activities, purchases, downloads, and sites visited, if privacy and anonymity is important to you, then this VPN is amongst the highest recommended. By selection, Hotspotshield offers IP protection, secure web browsing, no maintaining of log records and your IP location and IP address are not visible to anyone via the secure tunnel. Another reason while millions of online browsers prefer this VPN is due to how easy it is to bypass firewalls; access blocked websites and firewalls or filters can also be bypassed hassle-free.

Your IP address is changed when using Hotspotshield VPN, and all users get a free IP address allowing Internet freedom, which completely secures browsing and protects users actions from being detected. All network traffic are encrypted and browsing sites from mobile devices are anonymous while the lifetime package offers exceptional value to online customers that wishes for complete privacy as well as the freedom to browse sites, download movies from blocked sites or enjoy their favourite sports.  Compared to any web proxy, HotspotshieldVPN provides excellent privacy and top security via Windows, Mac OS, Android, iPod, iPad and iPhone and with an alternative IP address, all Internet activity remains untraceable, private and completely secured.