Keepsolid VPN Review

KeepSolid experts are also end-users, and by using their own products, huge improvements can be made to better services to other users worldwide.

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Our Review

KeepSolid is a VPN service provider that aims to improve its service efficiency by boosting employee performance, while modern products are developed. For users, KeepSolid’s goal is to offer uncomplicated solutions that simplify complex tasks across a wide range of devices. What sets KeepSolid apart from its rivals is its understanding of software as a tool that assists users to achieve results and combining case analysis, technological information and problem-solving all assistance is offered in a caring, professional manner.

KeepSolid experts are also end-users, and by using their own products, huge improvements can be made to better services to other users worldwide. By discovering any flaws or improvement needing functionalities, immediate fixes can be made, and the end users are always ensured of the best possible software product. The VPN provider believes in staying in touch with its clients are an integral part of making technological progress and feedbacks, as well as customer suggestions, are taking into consideration to ensure the best possible product. KeepSolid’s promise to users is that their personal protector is always online and on guard to ensure the best possible protection, privacy, and safety.

  • PROS
    • Over 1
    • 000 High-Speed Servers
    • KeepSolid Wise Protection
    • Compatible Across All Devices
    • Unique Lifetime Option
    • 7 Day Free Trial Period
  • CONS
    • High Additional Service Costs

KeepSolid VPN Features

By selecting KeepSolid as your VPN service a lot of benefits become available including total security, absolute privacy, unlimited access to blocked or legal content, lightening fast speed VPN servers and the extended version enable users to have VPN coverage on five devices.

KeepSolid VPN offers reliable security and users are safe when connection to public Wi-Fi networks and can limit data shared. With the unlimited encryption VPN technology all sensitive information, Internet browsing, and downloads are protected by cyber criminals, hackers, and other third parties.

In guaranteeing complete privacy, KeepSolid provides its clients with untracked and anonymous activity cover and ISPs as well as advertisers and hackers are unable to track or monitor users online activities while your IP address is constantly changing.

The KeepSolid Wise unique technology enables users to gain free access to all web content that is legal, while anonymous website browsing or web surfing can be accessed and enjoyed without barriers. Top-notch KeepSolid technology offers users lightening speed, and the super fast VPN servers ensure no slowing down. Servers placed in strategic location ensure fantastic connection speed across the globe and all users can enjoy the best experience from anywhere at anytime.

Once users discover the benefits of VPN freedom that allow anonymous website browsing, unblocking of restricted sites and the security it offers it is only logical to add VPN to all devices, and the extended VPN offer provide protection for five or more devices. KeepSolid VPN offers a seven-day free trial option and purchases are fully refundable within a period of seven days. Several additional services are available to ensure the highest levels of security, and for customers who require specialized safety extra extensions are available and include personal IP, personal servers and VPN services on Wi-Fi routers. Offered via a huge discount, users can now select to gain top security via the lifetime package and this truly unique offer provide worry free website browsing offered in complete safety and anonymity.

KeepSolidVPN Pricing

KeepSolidVPN offers several packages and users who require a personal VPN server can enjoy the super secure benefits at a cost starting from $18.33 per month. The other advance option includes a personal IP address that is available at the cost of $12.50 per month.

How to install KeepSolidVPN

KeepSolid VPN offers an abundance of information to assist and educate its users and special information such as personal servers explained, personal IP addresses explained, server locations, KeepSolid Wise and DNS firewalls are great for new users. Excellent information assistance is also offered via articles such as VPN explained, VPN protocols, VPN versus Proxy, VPN encryption and how to bypass censorships and web restrictions.

Clients also have access to setup tutorials for online security solutions usable for public Wi-Fi hotspots, data theft protection, and malicious software. Censorship bypassing includes access to content, Lifehacks, the great firewall, Internet regulations, and restrictions at the office. With data privacy, KeepSolid VPN services include blocking IPSs, hackers or third parties from tracking users online habits, and total freedom from IP tracking.

Personal IP’s and servers make internet banking completely secure; users can access their mailbox around the globe while enjoying the utmost in security. The IP offers freedom from ever appearing on a spam list, and at the same time top security, smooth file sharing as well as unrestricted file sharing is all part of the experience with personal IP solution. Several articles provide great guidelines for users on how to not fall victim to cyber attacks, improve their access to sites that are blocked and the personal VPN server offers great performance and protection for gaming.

Installation manuals are offered for VPN setup on MacOS, iOS, VPN Unlimited application on Android devices, Windows XP SP 3, and Vista service pack2. Windows users have access to tutorials that offer uncomplicated installation of VPN Unlimited on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. A separate installation guide is available for Windows phones, Linux, iOS, and Android. Tutorials are also available on the KeepSolid VPN website for how to use VPN unlimited applications on Windows PC, Windows Phone, Apple TV, Linux, Roku streaming devices, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon Fire TV, WD TV streaming media devices, and how to use Spotify with VPN protection.

Guidelines also include how to best use unlimited VPN on Google Chromecast streaming devices, MacOS X 10.11, as well as PPTP protocol configuration for legacy Mac OS X, and PPTP protocol configuration for GNPME3 on Linus and Windows 10 mobile. Tutorials are also offered for OpenVPN Asus RT-N16 router settings with Tomato firmware, RouterOS, Mikrotik x86 routers and OpenVPN DD-WRT as well as PPTP protocol configuration for DD-WRT. Setup instruction for OpenWRT Chaos Calmer OpenVPN on ASUS RT-N16 is offered for using LuCI Interface, LAN connected ASUS routers PPTP setup and VPN for QNAP backup devices is available onsite.

KeepSolid assistance is offered via several communication options and the online FAQ offer answers on general questions, how applications work, advise on questions of a technical nature as well as troubleshooting and payment or account questions.

  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • IOS
    • MAC
    • Windows

Speed and Overall Performance

KeepSolid VPN provides users with access to over 1,000 servers across seventy locations globally, and all servers offer high-speed connections. Every server are completely secure, offer superior speed, and users have access to worldwide content and anonymous website browsing. KeepSolid utilizes OpenVPN protocols for Windows and Android platforms, while iOS and Mac OS protocols used are IPSec IKEv1. AES 256-bit, as well as AES 128-bit encryption, supports OpenVPN and AES 128-bit encryption is used for IPSec connections. An additional layer is offered by VPN unlimited and date encryption and obfuscation used for restricted websites is offered via KeepSolid Wise technology, which uses AES 256-bit encryption offering extended freedom that allows users to gain access to all web content.

Country KeepSolidVPN provided

KeepSolidVPN provides users with access to over 1,000 servers located in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Pacific. North American servers are located in Washington, Virginia, New York, Nevada, Utah, Texas 1, Texas 2, Missouri, Illinois, Florida, California 1, California 2, Mexico, Canada-West, Ontario and Canada East.  As for South American, Chile and Brazil are its only servers.

Europe servers are vast and centrally located within the Ukraine, the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, Isle of Man, Portugal, Poland Slovakia, Croatia, and Romania. To complement those mentioned, Norway, Iceland, Netherlands, Moldova, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, Hungary, Germany, Cyprus, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Austria also have servers located within their borders.

Servers located in the Pacific, Asia, and Africa can be found in Turkey, South Korea, South Africa, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Israel, India – Karnataka, India, Hong Kong and Sydney – Australia.


KeepSolid VPN is one of the leaders in offering users advanced options via several extensions, and the additional add-ons provide extended security and VPN protection. The personal VPN server offers users the opportunity to enjoy the highest level of online protection at the fastest connection speeds and unblocking censorships, or restricted websites are part of the service. The personal static IP offer easy control over users online reputation as well as history and prevent account logins from any undefined IP addresses, and there are no blocking during Internet surfing. Up to fifteen additional advice can use VPN for an additional monthly fee that makes this VPN service perfect for family or teams. Apart from 24/7 customer assistance available, KeepSolid VPN also provides customers with a wide variety of tutorials, guides and FAQ answers to make using easy as well as accessible to all users from beginners to experts.