Perfect Privacy VPN Review

Perfect PrivacyVPN anonymizes and encrypt users connections to the Internet and provides several different proxies and VPN services.

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Our Review

Perfect Privacy is a VPN used by thousands to protect their privacy, and currently, servers are located in over twenty-three different countries across the globe. Since 2008, Perfect Privacy VPN has been the most secure solution for anyone who required a fast VPN server, total anonymous website browsing, and protection of their online privacy. Users have access to one of the fastest services from servers placed in Netherland, Russia, Iceland, Hong Kong offering 1,000 mphs as well as IPv6 addresses.

Perfect PrivacyVPN develops its own privacy solutions and uses high standard encryption such as IPSec and AES 256 bit OpenVPN across all general operating systems. The VPN’s popularity is due to it no-log-files policy, cascading between multiple VPN servers, port forwarding configuration, no limits in trafficking, bandwidth worth up to 1,000 mbps, user-friendly software, quick switching function between IPSec and OpenVPN and offering support via TeamViewer, Forum, and email.

  • PROS
    • 4.096 Bit Public Key Encryption
    • Firewall and DNS Leak Protection
    • No Login Details Stored
    • Bandwidth Up to 1
    • 000 mbps
  • CONS
    • Higher Priced

Perfect PrivacyVPN Features

Perfect PrivacyVPN impresses when it comes to functionality and remains a fantastic choice due to features such as free choice in servers, cascading over up to four servers, strong protection to prevent DNS leaks, server switching as often as users prefer, eight port forwardings and it is possible to check server latency in real-time.

Perfect PrivacyVPN anonymizes and encrypt users connections to the Internet and provides several different proxies and VPN services. The company’s services are reliable and safe, and it can be used across a wide variety of software, applications and operating systems.

The minimum data is stored and include login credentials such as password and username, email provided by users as well as the expiry date of accounts, and according to Perfect PrivacyVPN’s privacy policy, no log in connections made by users are stored in any way. The VPN service do record the usage of servers, traffic connection to each server and the data recorded can be viewed on the server status page and is used to increase server sufficiency.

Google Analytics is utilized by the VPN to manage and control ad serving effectively and to expand and improve page contents, and all IP addresses are anonymized in the process. Affiliate Pro is used to manage connections via affiliate sites while javascript is loaded to track activity.

Perfect PrivacyVPN Pricing

Perfect Privacy VPN offers several differents packages, and users can select from a single month up to two year plans to best suit their needs. The one month VPN service package works out to $13.49 per month and should clients selects the three-month plan an eleven percent saving is part of the plan since the monthly costs reduce to $11,98 per month.

The six months package works out to a monthly cost of $10.99 charged every six months and provides users with an eighteen percent saving. When it comes to paying the most reasonable prices for the best performances, users save even more by selecting the one year plan that is billed twelve monthly and works out to $10.41 per month. A thirty-three percent saving is offered on all twenty-four-month contracts, which works out to a monthly fee of $8.95 charged every 24 months.

  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • IOS
    • MAC
    • Windows

How to install Perfect PrivateVPN

Perfect Private VPN offers users OpenVPN protocol, IPSec protocol, Squid proxy, SOCKS5 proxy and PPTP protocol amongst its wide range of VPN services. OpenVPN is the most reliable and safest encryption protocol and utilizes 4,096-bit encryption for key exchange and data encryption AES-256 is also used. Once an OpenVPN connection is recognized, traffic is automatically routed via the Perfect Privacy VPN manager software. OpenVPN is the perfect option for users who requires strong encryption and prefers cascading between multiple VPN servers and is also a popular choice for clients who desire to direct their traffic via a supplementary proxy. OpenVPN connections can be slower and requires more CPU power than IPSec connections due to the diversity and functionality of the proxy used.

IPSec protocol represents an encryption alternative and is standardized via the IETF and is often used due to its ability to operate on all modern systems plus it does not require users to install additional software. Much like OpenVPN, IPSec directs all Internet browsing through a highly encrypted tunnel, which is popular with users who require fast connections. Users of the IPSec protocol are required to trust the Root-CAs certification authorities that are part of the operating system. Even though it is highly unlikely, the disadvantage is that it could allow an attack by the Root-CA, which is not possible when OpenVPN is used since it is managed via the hardcoded Perfect Privacy VPN.

SSH2 tunnels provide VPN users with flexibility encrypted by AES 256-bit and can be utilized with certain apps. The SSH tunnel can be used on programs configured to use this tunnel, while other software still utilizes regular connections to the Internet. Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows users can either use the open source or the proprietary SSH while Perfect Privacy VPN provides ease of use via its tunnel manager for Windows users.

Squid proxies offered by Perfect PrivacyVPN specializes in proxy servers usable with HTTPS, TLS, SSL, FTP, HTTP, and Gopher, usable in combination with other VPN protocols or separately.  The squid proxies replace IP address and at the same time remove header data such as HTTP_VIA et cetera and X Forwarded_For, to make the detection of proxies being used untraceable. Operating systems and user agents are replaced with valid values, and squid proxies need to be secured separately since it does not offer encryption.

Perfect Privacy VPN also provides users with other proxies such as SOCKS5 proxy and compared to Squid, it handles browsing and works independently. SOCKS5 can also be used separately or combined with a VPN and do not provide encryption and needs to be secured independently.

Apart from IPSec and OpenVPN utilizing PPTP VPN Protocol created by Microsoft, Perfect Privacy VPN’s Open PPTP uses 128-bit MPPE, DC4 encryption. PPTP uses less CPU and offer faster speed although it is less secure than protocols such as OpenVPN. What makes PPTP popular is that it can be used on operating systems like Android, iOS, Mac OS X and Windows while no extra software installation is required. PPTP might not be the best solution for users who require a highly secured VPN when it comes to encryption since it has been decrypted before but for hiding an IP address this option is useful.

Speed and Overall Performance

Perfect PrivacyVPN offers numerous packages, and users gain access to highly secure servers across the globe. Both IPv6 addresses and speed counts towards the overall performance and by switching to close by servers up to 1,000 mphs is possible. Perfect PrivacyVPN is hugely popular due to several benefits including its no login policy, unlimited data and its super fast bandwidth.

Country Perfect PrivacyVPN provided

Perfect PrivacyVPN placed servers in a wide variety of location around the world and users can switch between servers located in Australia, Czech, Canada, France, Egypt, Hong Kong, Germany, Israel, Iceland, and Japan. Other locations where servers are located include Japan, Luxemburg, Latvia, Norway, Lithuania, Romania, Singapore, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, the United States and the United Kingdom.


By choosing Perfect Privacy as your VPN service users are guaranteed that no emails or another form of data transmission will be sent unencrypted since the integrated firewall protection as well as DNS leak protection safeguard data by directing it via encrypted tunnels. Three kill switch levels are used in the firewall protection, and users can be sure of the best-protected privacy in browsing anonymously, unblocking websites, hiding their location or IP address while all data are encrypted.

Even though services could be slightly higher priced, it is unbeatable in privacy levels. This is due to all packages offering DNS Leak, firewall protection, 1,000 mbps bandwidth, anonymized IP addresses, 4,096-bit public key encryption, and 24-hour assistance available via the forum, live chat, and email.

Perfect PrivacyVPN provides online customers with several protocols including PPTP protocol, IPSec protocol, OpenVPN protocol as well as Squid and SOCK5 proxy’s, allowing all users to enjoy the most secure web browsing, hide IP locations and enjoy one of the fastest VPN services available.