Privacy Abroad Vpn VPN Review

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Privacy Aboard launched over seven years ago to provide online security, privacy and protection for both home and businesses. The major benefit is that the company offers all individuals the necessary tools to protect their sensitive and personal data while surfing the web anonymously. Privacy Abroad utilising strong security protocols and thousands have already discovered the benefit offered by using this VPN service since 2011.

With marketing companies and even government agencies collecting online user’s data, and most major companies being interested in selling individuals data, not to even mention cybercriminals, Privacy Abroad offers everyone the protection and shields needed via its VPN service engineered in Switzerland. The company’s mission is to provide VPN excellence via a lasting brand build on a value-based service that offers innovative online privacy solutions to both businesses and homes throughout the world. Its core values are to offer effective privacy to protect all individuals from hackers, agencies and cybercriminals or anything else that violates people’s security or privacy. Privacy Abroad aims to empower people to enjoy online privacy when it comes to their personal information and security in general.

Privacy Abroad employs an array of security measures that includes internationally notorious encryption methods, strong authentication and Swiss Safety that relies on certified data centres which adhere to the standards of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Payment methods offered are validated by six payment services and Saferpay certified, which enables users to use the most trustworthy options, once they have decided which of the three subscription options best suit their budgetary and security requirements.

  • PROS
    • Unlimited Peer to Peer Calling
    • Support Offered via Email & Phone
    • Protocols: OpenVPN
    • SSTP
    • L2TP
    • PPTP
  • CONS
    • 24/7 Support not Available

Privacy Abroad VPN Features:

With Privacy Abroad VPN that is one of the true Swiss VPNs around, subscribers can rely on no logs being stored, a global server network that ensures fast connection, and exceptional encryptions as well as a service provider which whom impeccable privacy is not just a promoting gimmick. The list of advantage, benefits and features offered via Privacy Aboard are impressive and includes the following:

Privacy Abroad secures all folders, communications and personal address books via AES-256 encryption, which also protects all web browsing session and online searches. Its Swiss Safe end-to-end encryption enables users to activate 2-factor authentication, encrypt all passwords via AES-256 and store all data on smart devices.

Users metadata, credentials and passwords are double protected since, in addition to the protection offered via SSL encryption, Privacy Abroad also protects sessions via SRP authentication that encrypts all user as well as sensitive data such as passwords.

The disaster recovery management feature protects the individual’s data via its triple application mirroring offered across no less than two data centres. Third-party and OS applications are constantly strengthened and updated, and all data centres are compliant with the Swiss banking security standards and the highest levels of security.

Privacy Abroad is a VPN service that offers people around the globe an alternative IP address to the one assigned via their ISP, which ensures safe, private and secure internet browsing. IP addresses are like individuals home address via the internet it allows users to be tracked and identifying of their whereabouts, alternative IP addresses removes any identification or true location information. With Privacy Abroad VPN everything sent or received via the internet is automatically encrypted, while all restrictions and censoring are removed. One of the greatest features is the peace of mind users can enjoy during the use of public wi-fi hotspots when accessing their private accounts, using their passwords or usernames or making online payments.

By selecting to use Privacy Abroad, all devices are protected since the VPN is available at the Google Play store for all Android devices or from the App Store iTunes for iPhones or iPads.

Privacy Abroad VPN Pricing

Privacy Abroad offers a wide selection of different subscription options. The Cyber Secure Packages include three annual pricing options:

Abroad Privacy Cyber Secure Basic Option: $211 per Yea

  • 20 GB Swiss Safe
  • VPN
  • 500 MB Email

The basic cyber secure package is perfect for individuals requiring the best home or business protection.

Cyber Secure Abroad Privacy Plus: $235 billed yearly

  • VPN
  • 1 GB Email
  • 20 GB Swiss Safe

Privacy Abroad added everything that is necessary for heavy emailers in their cyber secure plus option to offer a discounted rate perfect to their needs.

Abroad Privacy Cyber Secure Enterprises – $459 per Year

  • Perfect for Business-Minded Individuals
  • Silent Phone 100 minutes per Month-Plan
  • 20 GB Swiss Safe
  • VPN
  • 1 GB Email
  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • IOS
    • MAC
    • Windows

The cyber enterprise package available from Abroad Privacy is brilliant for individuals who require complete protection when it comes to mobile devices and emails, and the four services are combined to complement each other.

Privacy Abroad for Mobile Users

Mobile users subscribing to Privacy Abroad can enjoy all the benefits offered via the Silent Phone features, which includes that users can enjoy video chats or phone calls with other Silent Phone members via encrypted and secured transmissions. True peer-to-peer management and negotiation are provided by ZRTP for completely secure VOIP communication. Currently, Privacy Abroad offers three-different mobile pricing plans:

Silent Phone Privacy Abroad Option: $129 per Year

  • Video Calling
  • File Transfers of up to 100MB
  • Unlimited secure Voice calls as well as Messaging between Silent Phone Users

Privacy Abroad Silent World Option: $249 per Annum

  • Full Burn
  • Call anyone 100 Minutes Free per Month
  • Secondary Phone
  • Video Calling
  • File Transfers of up to 100MB
  • Unlimited secure Voice calls as well as Messaging between Silent Phone Users

Silent World Option by Privacy Abroad: $629 Annually

  • Conference calling available for up to a maximum of 6 callers
  • 500 minutes per month to Non-Users
  • Full Burn
  • Call anyone 100 Minutes Free per Month
  • Secondary Phone
  • Video Calling
  • File Transfers of up to 100MB
  • Unlimited secure Voice calls as well as Messaging between Silent Phone Users

How to install Privacy Abroad VPN

The Privacy Abroad VPN App is only available for iOS devices via the Apple App Store, and both the iPhone and iPad downloads are free. Privacy Abroad mobile VPN protects users by offering browsing security, anonymity and invisibility on the web while removing the possibility of being tracked. Mobile and desktop users are completely secure against hackers and have access to multiple IP addresses as well as unlimited bandwidth.

  • Downloading the app takes seconds since it is only 22.8MB in size
  • Compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad – iOS 6.1 or later
  • With Apple family sharing activated up to six family members could share the app
  • Once the app is downloaded the smart select screen requires selecting via purpose or location
  • Once verified Privacy Abroad can be installed

Unfortunately, we could not find the free PrivacyAbroad VPN App in the Google store.

Yet, downloading Privacy Abroad VPN is easy and really quick whether you install it on Mac or Windows. Both offer exceptional protection and instant access to blacked or restricted websites. The website also offers tutorials for manual configuration on Linux, or iOS as well as router and the dedicated FAQ sections offers answers to all questions. Privacy Abroad VPN do not offer live chat at the moment although email and telephone assistance are available during the week, Monday to Friday from 11 am to 7 pm, on weekends assistance is offered on Saturday from 8 am to 12 pm. By testing the email support system, we had a response within 3 hours.

Abroad Privacy VPN Server Locations

When it comes to selecting the perfect VPN, more servers placed in a variety of countries often ensure faster connections, as well as quicker uploading and downloading speeds. Privacy Abroad offers well over 35 servers in over 27 countries worldwide:

Speed and Overall Performance

It is important to know that with the robust protection that Privacy Abroad offers it could slightly decrease the user’s internet speed. However, it also depends on internet speed, and if the ISP is regularly throttling the speed, then the use of Privacy Abroad VPN could actually improve your downloading or uploading speeds. VPN’s such as Privacy Abroad that have strong encryption and a variety of VPN protocols for decapsulation, encapsulation, decryption and encryption, will have slower download speeds.


Privacy Abroad is completely focussed on offering top security, complete freedom and worry-free services and all systems are designed in Switzerland to ensure functionality and strict security. No clod storage is used since the VPN provider uses its own hardware and all data is stored using the NoSQL IMAP database. Privacy Abroad takes privacy seriously, and while it offers complete transparency it also does not keep any logs while users enjoy privacy via AES-256-bit encryption, can use its 2-factor authentication system and have top security on wi-fi hotspots.