Private Internet Access VPN Review

Private Internet Access is the most preferred VPN service due to features such as hide my IP, public Wi-Fi security, browse anonymously, Internet of Things security, Internet security etc..

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Private Internet Access is one of the leaders in online VPN services and specializes in encrypted tunnels that offer several layers of security and privacy ensuring users Internet safety. The VPN service provider’s services are backed by numerous gateways globally and VPN tunnel access in over 37 regions in more than 25 countries.

Millions of users choose Private Internet Access VPN for its reliable and dedicated VPN service, No traffic logs recorded on VPN activity, reliability and quality of the VPN service based in the US, exceptional price, Gigabit VPN port speeds, SOCKS5 proxy and the professional manner in which support is offered. Selecting PIA VPN provide Internet browsers with access to 3,252 VPN servers located in over 25 countries, easy use and fast speed while server hopping is possible and the most private and secure anonymous website browsing is guaranteed.

  • PROS
    • VPN Servers In Over 25 Countries
    • Gigabit VPN Port Speed
    • Unmetered VPN Transfers
    • Easy & Instant Access
    • Secure Payment Options
  • CONS
    • Does not work well with Netflix

Private Internet Access VPN Features

Private Internet Access or PIAVPN features include instant setup, no traffic logs on users activity, SOCKS5 proxy, unlimited bandwidth, a multitude of VPN gateways, blocking of trackers, ads and malware, and VPN services can be used simultaneously across 5 devices and PIA VPN services supports PPTP protocol, L2TP protocol, OpenVPN protocol, P2P support, encrypted Wi-Fi and numerous VPN tunnels.

PIA VPN Tunnel features include OpenVPN, IPSEC, L2TP and PPTP protocols, premium VPN bandwidth, anonymous VPN, unmetered transfers via VPN, the VPN service is DD-WRT compatible, activation is instantly, no request or traffic logs are recorded and both UK VPN and US VPN gateways is offered. Gateways also include New Zealand, Australian and Canada VPN gateways plus several others as well as VPN IPs in several countries such as Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Private Internet Access is the most preferred VPN service due to features such as hide my IP, public Wi-Fi security, browse anonymously, Internet of Things security, Internet security and safety, prevention of data thefts, hide my IP location, Firesheep and FaceNiff blocking,  UN recommendation encryption standards, privacy from Internet Service Providers and safeguarding from hackers.

Private Internet Access VPN Pricing

PIA provides users with multi-layered security as well as advanced state of the art privacy protection via VPN tunneling, and the provider’s services are tailored to operate in conjunction with pre-existing and built-in technology part of smartphone and desktop devices. All applications are safeguarded since the service operates at IP/TCP interface levels, and unlike other VPNs, it not only secure web browser activity. No installation is required of the VPN, and instant activation, as well as a seven-day money back guarantee, is offered.

Private Internet Access offers three different VPN service packages starting off with a monthly package available at $6,95 per month. With the yearly package, VPN users enjoy a fifty-two percent saving and yearly charges totals $39.95, which works out to only $3,33 per month. PIA also offers a six-month VPN service, and at a saving of fourteen percent it works out to a total of $35,95 for a 6-month period at a monthly cost of $5.99.

Several secured payment options are available and include PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, and Amex. Users who wish to remain completely anonymous can also use Bitcoin to pay for the VPN services while it is also possible to pay with ZCash.

How to install Private Internet Access VPN

Several layers of additional security are part of PIA VPN services and include IP cloaking, firewall, identity protection, and encryption. The IP cloak hides a user’s original IP address and masks it with an anonymous IP address which blocks data leaks as well as unwanted exposure. The IP cloaking is also highly effective in preventing Internet services and other websites from monitoring users searches, browser habits and tracing geographic locations. Once a secure connection is established to the security layer a new IP address that is US based will stand in and locations are untraceable.

By integrating the filtering capabilities and the advanced firewall of the Netfilter, Project users are free from receiving unwanted connections or attempts to their smartphone devices or desktops. The server grade software offers optimal filtering as well as performance and prevents all intrusions. The identity protection layer ensures anonymous posting on forums as well as anonymous browsing and completely rule out the risk of being exposed, it also prevents identity thefts, and blocks all data mining.

Encryption enables all PIA VPN users to protect themselves from eavesdropping and monitoring and while the software packages are easy to use high-grade encryption is constructed on Blowfish CBC algorithm. Encryption used in conjunction with a protocol such as OpenVPN secures all transmissions of data and is based on state-of-the-art cryptographic formulas utilized by organizations operating at high risk. PIA VPN ensures that all its users are completely secure and safe in the most dangerous and insecure networks and hotspots.

Private Internet Access VPN also offer PPTP protocol, L2TP protocol, and SOCKS5 technologies and completely blocks wireshark as well as Firesheep kismet applications from gaining access to users private messages, pictures and financial details.

With PIA VPN, users have uncensored and unrestricted access to the entire Internet and sites blocked by firewalls or censorships can be bypassed. The Swiss gateways offer the highest levels of privacy, and PIA VPN offers OpenVPN, IPSec, PPTP, SOCKS5 and L2TP proxies.

Easy setup tutorials are available and advanced configuration for SOCKS5 protocol, L2TP protocol, L2TP protocol and PPTP protocol is provided for devices that are not compatible with PIA’s OpenVPN protocol. Private Internet Access VPN’s website also offers setup instructions for Plau n’ Play, advanced router setup, port forwarding, DNS leak protection, IPv6 leak protection, regional gateways as well as Internet kill switch.

Router setup guides are offered online and include DD-WRT OpenVPN setup, Tomato OpenVPN Setup, PfSense OpenVPN set up as well as DD-WRT OpenVPN for older builds. Other OpenVPN tutorials include Windows OpenVPN setup, Robolinux 7.5.3 OpenVPN setup, MacOS Open VPN setup, OpenVPN for MacOS Viscosity, Ubuntu and Fedore OpenVPN setup.

Tutorials for mobile devices offer easy guides on how to set up iOS, iTouch, iPhone, Android 4.0+ OpenVPN as well as DD-WRT, Tomato, and PfSense for mobile.  Setup guides are also provided for IPsec, Android L2TP, iPhone, iTouch, and iPad L2TP as well as Mac OS X 10.5 L2TP and IPSec on Windows 7 and 8.1.

Configuration files for OpenVPN include IP, TCP, and TCP strong, while Legacy Open VPN configuration files are offered for IP-LPORT and IP-TCP. PIAVPN also offers PPTP VPN instant setup tutorials as well as Proxy usage guides for SOCKS5, IPv6 leak protection, port forwarding, Internet kill switch and DNS leak protection.

  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • IOS
    • MAC
    • Windows

Speed and Overall Performance

Millions due to reliability, exceptional service, prefer Private Internet Access VPN and while users are ensured of no records being kept on Internet activities the VPN provider also impress with port speeds of up to a gigabit. Outstanding performance is part of PIA VPNs service, and users can connect to 3,252 VPN servers located across the globe. Fast speed and the huge variety of servers ensure easy switching between servers and by offering servers in over twenty-five different countries users are always near a top secured server to enjoy great performance and fast downloading speeds.

Country Private Internet Access VPN provided

Private Internet Access VPN tunnel features include no request logs, no traffic logs, instant activation, anonymous browsing, anonymous VPN, premium bandwidth and as well as L2TP, IPSec, PPTP and OpenVPN protocols.

PIA VPN users have access to US and UK VPN gateways placed in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Romania, South Korea, Turkey, India, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Singapore and Hong Kong.

UK and US based VPN IPs is located in Canada, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, New Zealand, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Ireland, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Romania as well as Italy, India, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and Israel.


Private Internet Access VPN protocols include PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and the most recommended OpenVPN and offer users unmetered VPN transfers, no Internet activity log list is kept and gateways are offered in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Features such as anonymous browsing, hiding IP locations, alternative IP addresses, access to US and UK gateways make PIAVPN one of the leaders in VPN service providers.

Reasonably priced packages are available that provide users access to 3,252 VPN servers.While easy access make the service usable to both computer experts and casual users, great gigabit port speeds and secure payment options are also available. The VPN is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices and a large variety of tutorials are available on site to assist with setup, with  user support being available around the clock if needed.