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Online traffic is also further encrypted via XOR, TOR, and ECC across its majority of networks while its multi-hop feature enables users to jump between several servers to get internally randomly routed access across various nodes.

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Our review is a leading XOR & CCR encryption VPN software providers that are hugely popular due to its transparency, Tor-empowerment, and capability to ensure online anonymity and privacy. is a non-profit organization created by skilled, and highly experienced individuals located across the globe and currently, serves over 20,000 clients with one of the best VPN services available. The organization is run by fourteen members, over fifty contractors and 100% of all profits are reinvested while assistance is available 24/7 via a ticket system. VPN is a semi-anonymous organization operated from the Seychelles and no physical presence is offered apart from board meetings scheduled in Victoria. Staff members part of the do not disclose their identities, have parallel careers while only the respective countries and authorities operate through knows management. launched in 2012 to focus on security, convenience, freedom, cohesion, strategy, flexibility and marketing and via consistent re-investing and expanding grew its locations by 1,000% and the number of VPN servers by 2,500% between January and December 2013. During March to August 2013 the organization created an released an OpenVPN for iOS, Android, Linus, Mac and Windows, joined the Electronic Frontier Foundation in June 2013 to set up a full warrant canary and transparency report and was criticised by the press in June 2013 for its ethical policy weakness, which was improved via EFF. added tons of additional extras and features in 2014 including email control, speed assistant and security check or configuration generator and linked their transparency report to the Harvard University’s Berkman Clearinghouse systems & database. showed an exemplary and fast reaction to the Shellshock and Heartbleed bugs, which proved its promise to protect and secure user’s connection and via continued re-investment, the organisation enjoyed a 250% growth in 2014 in country locations as well as a 1,000% growth in the number of nodes. In 2015, re-designed its website and added several sites to raise network leak awareness, re-wrote its Ethical Policy and launched completely new versions of Safejumper for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux to ensure a stable open source, while ECC and XOR encryption were added to OpenVPN.  

  • PROS
    • Hidden IP address
    • Completely protected connections
    • All restrictions are lifted
    • Encrypted traffic
    • 100% Non-logging
  • CONS
    • No free version VPN Features

Currently, offers VPN services boosted via a network consisting of over 300 server locations in across 57 countries and its range of impressive features includes strong encryption configured via OpenVPN and SoftEther. Online traffic is also further encrypted via XOR, TOR, and ECC across its majority of networks while its multi-hop feature enables users to jump between several servers to get internally randomly routed access across various nodes. constantly updates its features to avoid bandwidth overuse and is always expanding to provide the best VPN coverage, security and download or upload speeds.

Safejumper is’ Tor-empowered VPN feature that supports Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and Mac, it is OpenVPN made easier that allows users to log into their VPN account and to choose from various OpenVPN protocols, locations, and ports to gain fast and secure connection to the VPN network. With Safejumper users can tweak several network settings to enjoy strongly encrypted internet access and ensure stable browsing that is compatible with five major OS’, kill switch to ensure no DNS leaks, is compatible with Tor obfsproxy, scramblesuit, obfs3, and obfs2. offers several reports onsite including network alerts, its warrant canary, and a transparency report. VPN Pricing offers an array of VPN membership plans shaped to cater for all individual VPN requirements, plans include the Quick option, Basic plan, Solid package and the PRO VPN package.

The Quick plan offers no annual price and can be used at a rate of $2 per 72-hour period, it includes 1 GBPS shared 30 + nodes/servers, access to servers in two countries, unlimited bandwidth, OpenVPN, Safejumper, CGI Proxy as well as SoftEther and extras such as SOCKS, TOR and DNS.

The Basic VPN membership plan is available at a cost of $5 per month or an annual monthly cost of $3,33 and includes access to servers in five countries, unlimited bandwidth, 1 GBPS shared with over 50 nodes/servers, OpenVPN, Safejumper, CGI Proxy, SoftEther and extras such as TOR, DNS and SOCKS.

The most popular plan is the Solid package that can be accessed via a monthly fee of $10 or an annual plan that works out to $7,50 monthly, it includes over 300 servers/nodes I GBPS shared, OpenVPN, Safejumper, extras such as TOR, DNS, and SOCKS, CGI proxy, SoftEther and server locations in fifty-seven countries.

The Pro package is available at $20 per month or a yearly contract that comes to $16,66 per month including 50 GBPS premium network 7 servers/nodes as well as access to the Solid network features plus a generous quota of 250 MG per month, access to the multi-hop technology, early access to Safejumper betas and first access to newly added features. Several add-on options are available including a 50 GBPS dedicated bandwidth with SoftLayer network access to Singapore, Japan, Germany, UK, and the US for a minimal cost of $1 extra per month. While the additional multi-hop feature can be added at the cost of $5 per month adding different exit and entry VPN points and enabling users to connect to any VPN server. The Anonymous token can be added at no cost to turn VPN credentials into an anonymous hash, it is compatible with any OpenVPN client and can turn VPN password and usernames into anonymous tokens, although this option is not offered with member support since the service provider would no longer be able to identify membership.

  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • IOS
    • Linux
    • MAC
    • Windows

How to install EarthVPN

The extremely detailed and informative tutorials are listed in several categories including mobile, desktop and Safejumper. The Viscosity for Mac OS tutorial offers a link to the configuration generator as well as .crt and. ovpn file and offers easy to follow OpenVPN configuration via port/protocol 80/TCP. 

The Safejumper App can be downloaded from Google Play and requires users open the installation once it is completed via clicking on the app and to then collect their by completing their username and password. Once the password and username are saved a server location can be selected from the list displayed indicating the fastest servers as well as the lowest load & pin. This is followed by selecting a server port, TCP port 80 is recommended and once the connection is established the interface of Safejumper will display the location, ping speed, load percentage, as well as the IP and port.

Apart from the wide range of installation and setup tutorials users also have access to several troubleshoot guides including set up of OpenVPN on Google Android, and L2TP VPN for Google. Tutorial categories include Apple iOS, Apple Mac OSX, FreeBSD, Google Chrome OS, Linus Ubuntu, Mint and Debian, MS Windows 10, 7, 8, RT, Mobile, XP, and Vista.

Speed and Overall Performance offers an onsite VPN speed test option perfect for potential customers to test the VPN speed from their current location. Independent test via Ookla confirmed that testing speeds on the site are correct and based on results the connection speeds are good for browsing, Tor and to stream music or videos. 

Countries VPN provided offers protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, TOR, and Safejumper, and uses VPN data centre IP addressed and each server offer OpenSSL, Open VPN XOR & ECC, CGI Proxy, SoftEther, L2TP, Port Forwarding and Tor’s Obfsproxy. Hosting providers includes OVH, UK2-Ltd, FOP Zemlyanly Dmitro Leonidovich, Pallada Web Service LLC and Netbyte Technologies Pte. Ltd. Servers are located in France, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Uganda, Tanzania, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga and the Ukraine.

Summary offers excellent encryption strength that includes 256-bit AES on OpenVPN and 4,096-bit keys on VPN connections with servers, which is currently one of the strongest encryption options. utilizes its own private DNS non-logging servers to ensure that users website lookups are completely private and the kill-switch instantly kill internet connection when a VPN failure takes place to ensure no reconnection to an unsecured connection environment. accepts anonymous use and payments can be made via cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dash, Peercoin, Vetcoin, Xcurrency, Dogecoin or Litecoin, while it is a solid option for Bit torrent users and with its affordable price structure users get access to the best encryption technology, various VPN packages and fast upload and download speeds. is one of the best options for users that prioritise their security and privacy while downloading or browsing the internet and is highly recommended for who engages in heavy P2P online activities. What really impresses is the clean emphasis on privacy, excellent technical support response and the huge selection of payment options enabling users to enjoy the impressive download speeds with unlimited bandwidth and complete anonymity.

VPN Plans

    • Solid
    • Price: $10/month
    • Yearly Price: $7.5/month
    • Bandwidth: Unlimited
    • Basic
    • Price: $5/month
    • Yearly Price: $3.33/month
    • Bandwidth: unlimited
    • 5 countries available