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SecureVPN is lightning fast VPN offering users private and secure internet access, allowing anonymous surfing, while all data are protected even during Wi-Fi hotspots use. At a glance, SecureVPN offers high-speed bandwidth due to several strategically placed servers around the world, the VPN service provider has a no logging policy in place, usage and usage time are unlimited, no configuration is required, and VPN coverage includes LTE3G/4G and Wi-fi.

The VPN perfectly integrates across all platforms including Windows, iPhone, Android, and Mac to offer a virtual private network that secures all connections to the internet, while it also unlocks restricted sites. All connections are encrypted to prevent snooping from third-parties, and once SecureVPN is installed, users have uncensored access to their favourite shows and sites.

Over 5,000,000 users have already discovered the freedom, SecureVPN offers to any website, including the unblocking of WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook and YouTube no matter where you are in the world. By hiding users IP addresses all web activities such as downloads or surfing are completely private and anonymous. One of the easiest ways to find out if SecureVPN is the perfect fit for your security needs is to download the free trial VPN option, which offers instant protection against malware, spyware, adware and trojan horses, offers killswitch, usability is easy, torrenting is allowed, and users have access to Netflix.

  • PROS
    • Use on 5 Devices Simultaneously
    • Free Account
    • 24/7 Customer Support
    • Global Premium VPN Network
  • CONS
    • Fewer Servers

SecureVPN launched in mid-2015 and is operated and owned by the US-based company SecureVPN Inc., and even though the VPN service provider has fewer servers than major VPN supplier, placed around the globe, by placing it tactically, users enjoy fast connections and excellent protection.

SecureVPN Features

The extensive list of benefits SecureVPN offers its subscribers include military graded connection encryption, robust protection when using public hotspots or Wi-Fi from anywhere around the globe as well as the option to bypass firewalls, unblock sites. By masking users IP address all downloads, and web activities can be done without the fear that marketers or ISPs are tracking your every move. 

Any service provider sure enough to offer its service via a free testing option is well worth paying attention to and for this reason, SecureVPN enjoyed huge success in only a couple of years, while the free plan can be used on a single device other options allows simultaneous use on up to five devices.

With SecureVPN on every device, the user can safely browse from airports, coffee shops or even their hotel lobby, knowing that all browsing is completely secured via portable encryption. It is quite a unique VPN service as its headquarters is centrally located and operated within the location jurisdiction, while supported devices include iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac/OSX and Windows.

SecureVPN apps assists individuals to enjoy the internet freedom in privacy and apart from secure access users enjoy anonymous web-surfing via alternative IP addresses that hide their identity and location. With the ability to unblock all websites, the VPN empower users with the ability to browse social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook or to download programs without any restrictions. SecureVPN also offers unlimited access to messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, IMO, WhatsApp, Skype and Viber, as well as VoIP, video calls while individuals have complete privacy. Other amazing capabilities of the VPN service also includes VPN encryption during Wi-Fi use, while privacy and data protection is guaranteed via military grade encryption preventing hackers to have access to private or confidential banking information. With easy switching between countries, users can decide where they wish to surf the net from, and only a single click is needed to switch the VPN on or off.

SecureVPN Pricing

SecureVPN offers two options, which includes the Free Plan as well as the Premier Plan, by trying out the free plan first anyone can first experience all the benefits part of this amazing VPN service and then move over to the premium options, which is a major benefit.

What impresses most is the list of features and benefits offered by the free plan. These provide new users with the option to get familiar with the service before upgrading to the monthly or yearly Premium Option. The service includes:

Free SecureVPN Plan: No Payment

  • The free SecureVPN plan can be used on a single device
  • Free data transfers via the free plan are 1,000 Mb per month
  • VPN session via the free plan is 20 minutes
  • Secure VPN protection
  • Unlimited Speed
  • VoIP and Web Access

The Premium SecureVPN Plan allows users to choose either a monthly or yearly payment option. The cost for Premium SecureVPN is $7.99 per month or a one-time payment of $69.99 per annum

It includes the following:

  • Secure VPN protection
  • Unlimited Speed
  • VoIP and Web Access
  • Full network access including P2P file transferring
  • VPN sessions are unlimited
  • Data transfer unlimited
  • Up to 5 connected devices
  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • IOS
    • MAC
    • Windows

How to install SecureVPN

Signing up with SecureVPN requires user’s name, a valid email address and payment information. The next step is downloading the app for Mac, iPhone, Windows, or iPad and all installation information is offered via easy to follow step-by-step instructions. The entire process takes about 8 minutes to be completed.

While the downloading and installation is really easy, connecting to any one of the servers are completely hassle-free.

Whether you choose the iOS, Android or Windows version the SecureVPN setup remains the same and all apps are favoured for its minimalist feel as well as straightforward setup.

The free plan is perfect for testing the SecureVPN benefits or occasional use although the premium comes highly recommended since it allows protection of up to a maximum of 5 devices. Many users love the refreshingly short privacy policy consisting of under 500 words and state that SecureVPN does not log use of its VPN service or traffic although it does warn that should it be required by the government that it would collect personal information as well as data usage to disclose in special events.

The free option remains a brilliant VPN solution for light users, while the premium plan continues to offer a lightning-fast connection to the available servers placed in the US, Singapore, India, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

Speed and Overall Performance

SecureVPN is an ultra-secure, high-speed VPN that offers a free VPN proxy service and users are not required to do any configuration since a single click of a button activates anonymous and secure internet access. Its global VPN network stretches across Europe, Asia and America which ensures high-speed bandwidth.

Like other VPN services, SecureVPN could at times have a slight effect on your internet speed, although it’s a question of what is most important to the user, speed or high-level protection. SecureVPN remained at very strong speeds during several independent tests and depending on where the user is based, and which server has selected the tests on average offered an upload speed of 28.78 Mbps, while download speeds are 86.22 Mbps at a Ping of 233 ms. When tested with Netflix, SecureVPN worked perfect, which is a great feature for frequent travellers.

Countries Double VPN Servers are Located

SecureVPN offers an auto select connection or users could select from servers placed around the globe. The list of servers is fewer than that of other VPN service providers although the instant connection is guaranteed to the following servers:


SecureVPN offers anonymous surfing by hiding users IP addresses which completely disguise their identity and location. Without the risk of being tracked all web activity is private while websites such as social media, Netflix, YouTube and sports events can be accessed without any restrictions, even during travelling. Another huge benefit is the insurance that activities via the web remain secure even during connection to public hotspots or Wi-Fi, which eliminates hackers from gaining access to sensitive banking details.

The military grade encryption ensures that all data is secured, while easy server switching ensures access to the fastest possible connection speed while a single click is all that is needed to switch the VPN service on or off. Unlimited bandwidth and up to 1,500 Mb of free data every month offered via the premium plan are great additional services, while users have the option of first testing all the benefits via the free monthly plan. Support is offered 24 hours a day, while SecureVPN can also be followed via Facebook and Twitter. Within a complete set-up time of under 8 minutes, individuals around the globe can gain access to SecureVPN that prevents governmental, hackers and ISP surveillance and all data