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Speedify is known by millions as a VPN that is mobile focussed and offer vigorously fast upload speeds. Launched in 2016, the VPN service provider is relatively new in the VPN business but due to its unique approach and features favoured by a massive security conscious online community. Located in Philadelphia, the company believe that millions of users have enjoyed the benefit offered by Connectify Inc’s apps to enjoy the best connections via the internet. Speedify VPN secures the faster connection by using a patent-pending technology that combines multiple connections via the internet simultaneously.

It is the VPN service providers believe that two connections are always better than one that appeals to many users since Speedify bonus cellular and Wi-Fi to create a more reliable, faster and most secure connection. The Speedify VPN mobile app is available across all major mobile and desktop platforms. Speedify VPN claims it makes the internet so much better via its Connectify software allowing users to combine wired networks, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G to create a reliable, fast super-connection.  With the unique channel bonding technology, users enjoy top level, privacy, security, reliability and speed. It is a cloud-based service that enables individuals to combine several internet connections to enjoy super-fast speeds, which are also a lot more reliable.

  • PROS
    • Speed
    • Super Secure Encryption
    • Reliability Guaranteed
  • CONS
    • Anonymous Payment Options

Connectify Inc. launched in 2014 in the US with headquarters in both Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. Originally the company focussed solely on boosting user’s internet connection, although it added solid encryption in 2016 and added Speedify VPN services. What counts in its favour is how easy everyone finds it incredibly sensible designed interface and VPN to use, while Speedify only uses its own VPN protocols, allows Torrenting on selected servers and is rated as one of the fastest for speed. What impresses most is its robust military grade encryption Cha-Cha-256-bit as well as outstanding support offered to users. 

Speedify VPN Features

Speedify is ratted one of the best when it comes to providing encryption technology for all mobile devices, by using channel bonding for bandwidth aggregation, the VPN allows the combining of all kinds of connections including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, DSL or cellular, basically, anything used to connect to the internet can be used. The VPN service provider does not log via their servers, which means no site names, IP addresses or data users send or receive are recorded.

Speedify’s channel bonding technology integrates flawlessly with all applications and programs and divides user’s traffic between connections, which includes the uploading or streaming of movies or music from cloud storage, YouTube or live video streaming is boosted via multiple connections. Once users have selected to use the Speedify VPN,  all online activity and data is protected via ChaCha20-Poly1305 data encryption as well as ECDHE-ECDSA handshake encryption and the VPN utilises 256-bit elliptic curve keys. BitTorrent is exclusively allowed on the P2P servers, and users need to select servers that permit P2P traffic or BitTorrent. By using a combination of virtual and dedicated servers, depending on the scalability and location needs, all servers have a minimum of 1Gbps network access and is available for Android, iOS, PC and Mac.

Speedify’s Channel Bonding technology is named connection magic by millions of users since it combines multiple connections, increases bandwidth, guarantees better reliability and ensure lower latency. Some of the most beneficial benefits include better streaming, latency free connection coverage, better gaming performance and users can set their connection while monitory use with Speedify. With the VPN enabled you can finally wave goodbye and forget the frustration of access region locked content as getting pass any restrictions is easy with Speedify, while servers in specific locations are optimised for both P2P activity and BitTorrent. Additional features that ensure Speedify VPN is a must-have is its redundant mode, VPN Speed testing in-app widget and automatic failover.

Speedify VPN Pricing

Speedify VPN offers reliability, security and speed, which makes file transfers much faster, browsing completely secure and removes buffering from streaming to offer exceptional speeds. Whether you are an enterprise, team or individual, Speedify VPN offers a fantastic subscription payment plan.

Speedify VPN caters for both individuals and teams and in both cases by selecting the yearly payment plan, you can look forward to a 50% saving.

Speedily offers a Starter Plan that enables new users to first discover the multiple benefits using the risk-free option. Users gain 1GB data usage monthly, and no account is needed. Once downloaded the starter option offer the following:

  • Usage of VPN on single device
  • 1GB data per month
  • Connect to servers worldwide
  • Automatic Failover
  • Channel Bonding
  • Military level encryption
  • Redundant mode

The Individual Monthly Plan:   

  • $10.34 payable monthly (Dedicated servers available at $138.00)
  • Yearly fees for this option are $57.49 per annum.
  • The unlimited monthly subscription plan is available for iOS, Android and PC.
  • Non-stop speed and top security across five devices
  • Unlimited data
  • Access servers around the globe
  • Packet loss & error correction
  • Redundant mode
  • Channel bonding
  • Military grade encryption technology

Speedify VPN also offers Team Packages, which allows multiple individuals to enjoy the same benefits.

How to install Speedify VPN

Speedily offers a great selection of tutorials, set-up guides and interesting articles available to all users, even setting up a fast VPN for your Android TV Box seems easy via the step-by-step guide.

The five steps involved gaining access to top security via Speedify:

  1. Register with Speedify first, a process offered across all devices including iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and Window PCs.
  2. To set up the Android TV box visit Google Play from the TV box and install Speedify from the Google Play store
  3. Users with numerous internet-connects from multiple ISPs can connect their device or Android TV box to all
  4. Then launch Speedify and login via email and password
  5. Accept the Android connection request – for VPN connection and enjoy Speedify VPN secured services and protection
  6. By default, Speedify VPN will connect to the server that is the fastest (although if the user wants to unblock restricted services such as BBC iPlayer or Hulu, manual server selected in a region not blocked is necessary
  7. Server selection is possible automatically via the fastest server, Torrent friendly server or by country (users can also select the fastest server for Android or iOS)

Even though the tutorials are extremely informative and the process fast and easy, there might be some users who require additional information regarding other options, and for this reason, Speedify offers user assistance via email with an exceptionally fast response. Email response tested across six different emails averaged a response within 15 minutes.

Speed and Overall Performance

During several speed tests, Speedify VPN impressed with some pretty respectable results, when tested via a server based in the Netherlands the results showed up a ping of 30, upload speed of 26.40 Mbps and a download speed of 61.77 Mbps.

Connection to the default fast server showed download speeds of around 86.89 Mbps while tested and an upload speed of 33.72 Mbps. With the speed test available on both the app and website it allows users to identify the fastest connection, which is a very useful extra to have when streaming movies or downloading huge files.

  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • IOS
    • PC

Countries Double VPN Servers are Located

North America

  • USA – Atlanta
  • USA – New York City
  • USA – Northern Virginia (DC)
  • USA – Chicago
  • USA – San Francisco
  • USA – Miami
  • USA – Newark
  • Canada – Montreal
  • USA – Dallas
  • USA – Denver
  • USA – Fremont (Bay Area)
  • USA – Los Angeles
  • USA – Seattle
  • Canada – Toronto


  • Austria – Vienna
  • Belgium – Oostkamp
  • Switzerland – Zurich
  • Turkey – Bursa
  • Bulgaria – Sofia
  • Germany – Frankfurt
  • Russia – St. Petersburg
  • Spain – Valencia
  • Sweden – Stockholm
  • Turkey – Izmir
  • Azerbaijan – Baku
  • Italy – Milano
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam
  • Denmark – Copenhagen
  • France – Paris
  • Ireland – Dublin
  • Norway – Oslo
  • Russia – Moscow
  • Spain – Madrid
  • Poland – Warsaw
  • Romania – Bucharest
  • Belgium – Brussels
  • UK – London


  • Hong Kong – Hong Kong
  • Israel – Tel Aviv
  • India – Bangalore
  • Indonesia – Jakarta
  • Japan – Tokyo
  • Singapore – Singapore


  • Libya – Tripoli
  • South Africa – Johannesburg

South America

  • Brazil – Sao Paulo


  • Australia – Sydney
  • Australia – Perth
  • New Zealand – Auckland


As part of the Connectify Group, Speedify VPN is built on a strong foundation of mobile and internet connection experts, while its channel bonding technology is unique and trusted by millions to provide reliable streaming, exceptional fast speeds and the best mobile VPN services available.

The free monthly option provides users with 1GB free and at the same time enable individuals to test the security, download and upload service and to get used to all the beneficial extras. Speedify ranks as one of the top 10 mobile VPN service providers and with easy downloading from the website, Apple Apps Store or Google Play, it is a highly recommended option. Test the theory that Speedify makes the internet better today and discover the benefit of multiple VPN connections to increase download speed.