SpyOFF Vpn VPN Review

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Operated by Sareta S.r.l., SpyOFF is a VPN service provider based in San Marino on a mission to protect as many individuals as possible from governmental control, censorship and surveillance as possible. SpyOFF focusses on one goal, and that is to offer internet users anonymity and freedom, which was also the main motivation when it came to the selecting of a perfect destination for its headquarters in a way it would not be ruled by governmental data queries, examinations or interventions. San Marino, unlike the US and EU, grants companies and citizens the freedom to enjoy privacy.

The powerful SpyOFF VPN team consists of 40 experts including network administrators, online security specialists and software developers all sharing a passion for providing the best possible online security. The main goal is to give users back their online freedom and internet anonymity.

SpyOFF VPN offers a “one-click” solution that offers high-speed security and protects individual’s privacy, and its VPN products are backed via a 30-day money back guarantee. In catering for all internet user’s requirements, SpyOFF VPN offers several protocols to provide high speed, ultra-secure services via OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP. OpenVPN is in many instances the perfect protocol since it is ultra-secure and fasts, a great alternative is L2TP, which is secure and reasonably fast, while PPTP is the fastest connection although it is not as secure as OpenVPN.

  • PROS
    • One-click VPN Solution
    • Unlimited Server Changes
    • Multiple Logins
    • 256-bit SSL VPN Encryption
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • CONS
    • No Free Trial Option

Online security is SpyOFF VPN’s main concern, and therefore a single subscription offers coverage across all user’s devices since connectivity is provided to limitless devices at the same time. Compatible devices include Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux as well as Tomato / DD-WRT routers.

SpyOFF VPN Features

SpyOFF VPN hides users IP addresses from hackers and spies, while it also encrypts all internet activities and traffic. With the VPN it is easy to connect to any website including those restricted in your area, and with high speed, it is fun to watch your most loved shows in perfect privacy.

Signing up with SpyOFF offers access to highspeed VPN services allowing full bandwidth without limitations. All data transfers are safeguarded via 256-bit SSL encryption, and with no data-logging, none of your data can be read or traced by third parties. Once anyone discovers the true meaning of gaining back their privacy and claiming the security they deserve it is impossible to only enjoy it on one device and with SpyOFF you’d never have to since multiple logins across all devices are all part of a single account. A single click is all it takes with the intuitive and easy to use the software while users can change servers as often as they like.

SpyOFF protocols:

OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) offers 256-bit VPN encryption and is supports routers, Android, Mac and Windows. It offers the highest level of encryption and authenticates data with digital certificates. OpenVPN is the most powerful of all protocols, offers the best speed even during use in long distances and high latency. It is recommended for all applications and compatible with desktops, tablets and all mobile devices. With OpenVPN users can also select between UDP or TCP, while UDP performs best with streaming.

L2TP also features 256-bit VPN encryption and supports Windows, iOS and Mac, and while it offers the same level of encryption as that of OpenVPN, it requires more computing power since it checks the integrity of data and secures it, to encrypt data twice. It is compatible with most tablets, mobile and desktop systems and this protocol are slightly slower than OpenVPN although it is very secure.

PPTP offers 128-bit VPN encryption and is supports Windows and routers. It is the simplest of encryptions and is not considered as safe since it can be hacked or cracked. The biggest benefit of PPTP is its speed, and therefore it remains popular for streaming and its compatibility with most tablets, desktop and mobile operating systems. Due to its fast speed, PPTP is perfect for bypassing geo-blocking, although it does not offer the same level of security as that of OpenVPN.

SpyOFF VPN Pricing

SpyOFF places great emphasis on offering a VPN service that is suitable for all individuals across the globe and therefore also offers several different packages in catering for specific security and budget-related requirements. The SpyOFF pricing structure consists of three options which include a 1 month, 16 month and 6-month payment plan:

SpyOFF 1 Month Option: $10.99

  • Billed monthly
  • Offers 30-day money back guarantee
  • Full Bandwidth – No Limitations
  • Compatible across all devices
  • No Data-Logging
  • Unlimited server changing
  • Single click solution
  • Data transfers safeguarded via 256-bit SSL encryption

SpyOFF 6 Months Option: $53.94

  • Billed $53.94 every six months (works out to $8.99 per month)
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Offers unlimited server flexibility
  • Multiple logins across all devices
  • Highspeed VPN
  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • No logging or tracing of data
  • 1-click software solution

SpyOFF 16 Month Option: Special Deal Reduced from $175.84 to $75.20

  • Billed yearly (includes 4 months free)
  • Monthly cost reduced from $10.99 to just $4.70
  • Offers 30-day money back guarantee
  • 1-click solution
  • No data-logging or any tracking
  • Unlimited Server Selecting
  • Single subscription covers all devices
  • Limitless highspeed VPN
  • Safe encryption via 256-bit SSL

How to install SpyOFF VPN

SpyOFF VPN is known for offering the easiest way to protect your internet activities and to start surfing the internet anonymously and enjoy guaranteed safety takes only a few moments. Testing SpyOFF is possible via its 30-day money back guarantee and to start individuals need to follow these steps:

  • Download the SpyOFF VPN for your device
  • Install SpyOFF VPN
  • Select the best network protocol for your needs
  • Via Windows start the installation by double-clicking the setup.exe
  • Once the installation wizard opens select next
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions
  • Choose the folder where you would like to save the SpyOFF data or select the default path
  • The installation process also allows for shortcut creations to desktop
  • Once completed initiate installation
  • Launch SpyOFF VPN and enjoy safe, secure and completely anonymous web browsing

Easy to follow and understand tutorials is available in both English and Deutsch and includes step-by-step installation and set-up guides for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac as well as Ubuntu or Linux. Router instructions are also available for Tomato and DD-WRT.

  • Supported Platforms
    • Apple
    • IOS
    • Linux
    • MAC
    • Windows

Speed and Overall Performance

SpyOFF VPN services impress on all levels and when tested by independent experts again impressed during the speed test with a download speed of 98 Mbps and an upload speed of 53 Mbps. The services also include a kill switch, Torrenting is allowed, and SpyOFF is based in a great jurisdiction, San Marino perfect for the VPN’s no logging policy.

Countries SpyOFF Servers are Located

With SpyOFF VPN users have access to an extensive worldwide server network consisting of more than 395 servers based in 25 different countries.

Austria: Vienna

Australia: Sydney

Belgium: Brussels

Canada: Toronto

Switzerland: Zurich

Czech Republic: Prague

Germany: Frankfurt

Germany: Dusseldorf

Spain: Madrid

France: Paris

Hong Kong: Hong Kong

Hungary: Budapest

India: Bangalore

Italy: Milano

Japan: Tokyo

Korea: Seoul

South Africa:  Johannesburg

Netherlands:  Amsterdam

Romania: Bucharest

Russia: St Petersburg

Sweden:  Stockholm

Turkey:  Bursa

Singapore: Singapore

America:  New York

America:  Atlanta

America: Chicago


SpyOFF VPN offers log free protections that allow Torrenting and includes killswitch, while the VPN service impresses with robust encryption as well as remarkable download and upload speeds. The 30-day money back guarantee provides everyone with the chance to test the service, while the reasonable prices monthly, and yearly options are well within everyone’s reach. One subscription covers all devices and users can choose between PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocols. Once installed SpyOFF VPN provide safe, anonymous web surfing, disguise IP address, keep users location hidden and remove the danger of being hacked or under surveillance. One of the great benefits is that the domain name system established client’s connection to the server, with full protection no DNS leaks can occur, while it is also possible to install the VPN on routers. SpyOFF does not record users IP addresses, destinations, browser histories, or DNS requests.

On the 16th of May, SpyOFF introduced their brand new 2.0.0 version adding many features to its already impressive selection of benefits, which included a new/revised interface which turns users’ interface green once the VPN is active and red when it is disconnected. While advanced settings also included tooltips, setting log level, and enhancing of DNS leak protection. At the same time, SpyOFF also announced that its VPN servers had increased to over 1,000. It is by far the best VPN for anyone who uses P2P filesharing and Torrenting, and SpyOFF offers 24/7 assistance and can be followed on social media via Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.