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Tor is a free VPN virtual network run by volunteers as well as the Tor Project

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Tor is a free VPN virtual network run by volunteers as well as the Tor Project. It takes just one click on the checkbox to gain access to the TorVPN panel and users have all their data tunneled via the TOR network. What is unique about the TorVPN is that is a combination of everything you could require from an efficient VPN network, including fast and stable servers, switching between servers is possible at any time, and it is free of charge. It’s PPTP, SSH and OpenVPN enables users to create an anonymous Internet network, and apart from offering static encryption key TorVPN also uses a certificate infrastructure. Being able to create individual service accounts increase users security, privacy and at the same time, the TorVPN service is the most convenient to use across all devices. With the transparent TOR routing users are ensure of easy switching to the TOR network while date leaks are prevented and at the same time gains seamless access to onion sites via a caching proxy. Domains such as .free, .onion, .bit, .oss and .pirate and other top level domains are resolved via the TorVPN DNS, while the warrant canary makes its operation transparent even in gag order or government warrant events.

Around the globe Internet users are in need of a service to unblock websites, proxy servers, ergo proxy and proxy votes as well as and TorVPN goes even further than offering the best VPN service possible by also protecting Wi-Fi connections. For anyone still asking what is a proxy server, TorVPN is one of the most secure virtual private networks that provide users with the ability to hide their destinations, unblock websites and browse the net anonymously. A proxy server serves a hub through which requests are processed and by connecting through servers like these your personal computer or devices sends a request via the proxy server, which processes the request and opens up a path to what users wanted. TorVPN is perfect when you want to hide your IP address, bypass restrictions, shield your connection, gain access to geo-blocked websites, unblock sites or enjoy anonymous browsing.

TorVPN’s list of features and services includes dedicated IP, secure VPN, prepaid VPN, fast VPN, shared IP, OpenVPN, PPTP protocol, transparent TOR, free VPN, reliable VPN, SSH tunneling, P2P file sharing, Socks proxy, Bitcoin VPN and the most affordable VPN service.

  • PROS
    • 4
    • 096-Bit RSA Encryption
    • Fast VPN Proxy
    • Torrent VPN
    • Open Wi-Fi Shield
    • Compatible On All Devices
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    • Small Server Network

TorVPN Features

TorVPN is a UK registered service founded in 2010 and operated from Hungary, and its services are subject to retention of the EU data law, while it also adheres to the technical requirements of the British jurisdiction. Operating with 28 servers in over nine countries it offers both UDP protocol and TCP protocol while each country has servers that provide exceptional speed. Each server is named after celestial bodies in the solar system, which includes Sweden’s Pluto, the US’ Saturn and the Earth server is located in Hungary.

Features that makes TorVPN one of the best in the world include secure VPN, OpenVPN, PPTP Protocol, Internal network, SSH tunneling, Socks proxy, shared IP, P2P file sharing, Fast VPN Bitcoin VPN and its Free VPN. TorVPN offers guides on how to successfully install OpenVPN, PPTP, SHH Tunneling and how to gain access to Onion.

Its services include a fast VPN proxy, which enables users to enjoy uncensored access to the Internet from wherever, Torrent VPN that allows peer-to-peer sharing that ISP servers won’t detect, while the open shield Wi-Fi allows users to work via Wi-Fi hotspots abroad while enjoining TorVPN protection across all networks. TorVPN is compatible with all devices and can be used on MacOS, Windows, iPhone, Linux, Android and most routers. With TorVPN your communication is safeguarded via 4,096-bit RSA, AES-256 ciphers that are HMAC authenticated.

TorVPN Pricing

TorVPN caters for all users budgets and offers six different packages including free VPN, Cheap VPN, Custom VPN, Pro VPN, silver VPN as well as gold VPN.  The free VPN package is valid for seven days, offer unlimited speed, selection of 1 server, one open session, PPTP and OpenVPN as well as 2 GB traffic, what this plan is not including is SSH Tunneling and could have time limits.

The cheap VPN is available at the cost of $0.50 and is valid for a period of 15 days. The cheap VPN package includes unlimited speed, users can select one server, two sessions, PPTP or OpenVPN, and it also includes SSH Tunnel, 5 GB traffic and there is no time limit on the cheap VPN package.

The custom VPN is another very affordable option and is available at $1; users get to choose how many months they want to use the package, how many servers they would like to access as well as how many session they require. The custom VPN package offers unlimited speed, OpenVPN and PPTP, SSH Tunneling, and users can select the number of GB traffic.

By choosing the Pro VPN package users will spend $1.90 and the service is valid for 30 days, while it includes unlimited speed, a selection of 2 servers, two sessions, PPTP and OpenVPN, SSH Tunnel, no time limit and 60 GB traffic.

Users who are interested in a package that is valid for 90 days will benefit from the Silver VPN package that includes unlimited speed, all basic servers, three sessions, PPTP as well as OpenVPN, no time limits and 100 GB traffic.

The Gold VPN plan offers services for one year and includes unlimited traffic, unlimited speed, SSH Tunneling, PPTP as well as OpenVPN, four sessions, and access to all basic servers. The Gold VPN service is priced at $19.90.

How to install Tor VPN

The Tor VPN site offers guides on how to download and install the VPN on several devices including Android, Windows, Linux, iPhone, and MacOS. Installation takes about a minute and downloads of the OpenVPN is available on the control panel, there are separate configuration files for different servers and users can simply switch from one server to the next or combine servers with a single click.

Windows OpenVPN offers different OS options including 64 bit Win7, 32 bit Win7, 64 bit Win XP and 32 bit Win XP as well as PuTTY. Once downloaded the OpenVPN 2.3.7I60I setup wizard offers easy instructions.

Android users can download and install the OpenVPN connect from the APP store, and the same option is available for iPad and iPhone users from the Apple store. OpenVPN for MacOS requires the installation of Tunnelblick.

Instructions are also available for PPTP on Linux and Windows only since it is an alternative way of creating a VPN connection to TorVPN. PPTP is compatible with most operating systems and often do not require users to install software although OpenVPN is the more reliable and most secure option of the two.

  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • IOS
    • MAC
    • Windows

Speed and Overall Performance

Most users find the Hungarian server particularly fast with an average of over 30 Mbps in downstream and this could also be the reason why TorVPN recommends this server. TorVPN promises to provide users with the ultimate speed to enjoy access from anywhere while no logs are kept ever. By offering free VPN, Tor aims to introduce a broad user audience to private Internet protection, and users have access to servers that provides speed, maximum protection and hide browser’s locations.

Country TorVPN provided

TorVPN servers are placed in several countries, and the Earth server is located in Budapest offers 100,000 KB/s and provides services such as OpenVPN, SSH, and PPTP. Jupiter is located in Los Angeles offers SSH, PPTP, and OpenVPN and its speed is 10,000 kb/s. Mars located in Paris, as well as Mercury in Melbourne, offers SSH, PPTP, and OpenVPN at a speed of 10,000 kb/s.

Earth is the most reliable server according to TorVPN and is physically hosted by the company, which guarantees high speed across low latency lines. Neptune in Russia offers OpenVPN, PPTP and SSH protocols while Venus located in Hong Kong offers OpenVPN an SSH and both offer speeds of 1,000 kb/s. Platet9 in London, Pluto in Stockholm, Saturn in Miami and Uranus in Europe all offer SSH, OpenVPN and PPTP protocols and 10,000 kb/s.


TorVPN impresses when it comes to price plans, no website filters, Warrant Canary, and it’s extremely thorough guides. Tor VPN services are the perfect solution for Internet users who want to hide their IP addresses, hide torrent traffic from their Internet Service Providers or even local network administrators, make private Internet calls via VoIP or Skype or gain entry to geo-blocked websites. The service is compatible with all devices and can be used on Windows, Linux, Android and iOS and is one of the most popular due to its exceptionally high security offered via 4,096-bit encryption. With the seven-day free plan, online users have the perfect opportunity to test TorVPN for themselves.