Torguard VPN Review

The installation process is pretty easy and completing it is not at all difficult.

VPN Ratings

  • 6 Overall
  • 5 Features
  • 2 Privacy
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5.2 Total

Our Review

Torguard VPN is a reliable option for those looking for a fast VPN and secure VPN service. As a VPN software, it supports multiple operating systems such as windows and mac. As for VPN for Android, VPN for iPhone, and mobile VPN users, they will be pleased to find TorGuard is a compatible  VPN software and offers a private network with unlimited VPN options.

For those who are unsure and curiously about what is a VPN service, it is one that provides a VPN tunnel from a VPN server to your computer. This gives you as a user a added level of protection in preventing anyone who may be lurking on your computer from seeing your activities online. This is ideal for anyone looking for a higher level of security as VPN privacy is key for private surfing and the avoidance of websites selling your information or learning your location and surfing preferences.

As a service, TorGuard offers in excess of 1600 servers with those located throughout the world in most large urban areas. The list is extensive, and while somewhat less than some, it is more than acceptable and ranks near the top. A nice side to its navigation is all servers are geographically displayed and will display the pertinent information about each.

One key feature offered by TorGuard is its kill switch, a common feature that ensures your privacy in the event of a disruption to any server you are connected to. All applications running will instantly be killed, and the information processed will not be transmitted. This is especially so when accessing using a mobile device, and considering up to five devices can be added, it gives another level of peace of mind.

As with most VPN providers, customer service is offered around the clock and includes email support as well as live chat,m although the live chat feature is only active during regular business hours is seems.

  • PROS
    • Aimed towards P2P/Torrents
    • Numerous data centers
    • Excellent refund policy.
  • CONS
    • Fails to stop tracking services
    • Does not offer any privacy features
    • Does not offer a free trial
    • Navigation is poor

TorGuard Features

OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, SSTP, and iKEV2 are all supported and allow various setups to configure the software to your personal preferences.  Additionally, TorGuard offers HotSpot Shield Elite that will block all ads at a network level, and from a convenient factor, it is a nice add-on.

Another nice aspect is the vast number of add-ons that are available, albeit for at an additional cost. This includes a Torrent VPN, Android VPN, iPhone VPN and Stealth VPN. The Stealthy VPN has been specifically engineered to bypass firewalls that are designed with deep pocket inspection, and the nice side of this feature is it is included with the regular subscription and users are not forced to pay extra for it.

The Android VPN is perfect for mobile users, as is the iPhone VPN. When you consider the ever changing face of mobile access, having the ability to have an added layer of protection towards surfing and personal information is an invaluable tool, and well worth the investment. It helps to protect when carrying out sensitive transactions online using your mobile device such as accessing social media sites, banking, shopping and more.

TorGuard does not keep logs on any of its servers or VPNS, and when you couple that with the added layers of protection, its service ranks among the top contenders. It further offers private encryption VPN services, the ability to unblock any websites regardless of where it is located geographically, ensures you IP address is private and prevents hackers, government, employers and others from learning your online activities.


TorGuard VPN has multiple options when it comes to pricing plans for those wishing to buy VPN services. The Annonymous service has a number of options. Each includes unlimited bandwidth and speeds, 1600 plus servers in more than 50 countries, five connections, multiple ciphers, Open that includes PPTP/L2TP/iKEV2/ IPsec and SSTP, Stealth service, malware blocking and a number of other features. The monthly rate is $9.99 and will be billed each month from the payment method of your choice. An option for quarterly payments is offered at $19.99 every three months, or semiannually at $29.99 every six months. Finally, you can choose a yearly plan priced at $59.99.

The Annonymous Proxy service also offers four payment plan options. This begins with a monthly plan based on $5.95 per month. It includes unlimited bandwidth and speeds, secure surfing, evading hackers and access to over 2000 ips in over 50 countries. The quarterly plan is priced at $14.95, and the semiannual plan at $29.95. The yearly plan is $46.95, which works out to $3.91 a month, and is obviously the best deal of the four.

For business owners, the costs obviously increase, and this is due to the number of users allowed to access it. The starter package has a monthly price of $69 and includes all the options mentioned above and several others. Small and Medium are priced at $110 and $169 respectively and allow 15 users for the small and 20 for medium. TorGaurd also offers Enterprize, a custom pricing model that will allow up to 50 users. If this is of interest, you would need to contact the company directly to inquire about pricing.

As for payment options, American Express, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Paypal,  Paymentwall, and Visa are offered. While most ’s offer an increased number of payment options, those provided by TorGaurd are the most popular options and will fit within most people’s preference.

  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • IOS
    • MAC
    • Windows

How to install

The installation process is pretty easy and completing it is not at all difficult. Once you have purchased the plan of your liking, simply log into the TorGuard site and do to the dashboard. Once you have completed this, click the link under the licensing section. It is in this section that you will generate your license and you can then complete your VPN download of the TorGuard software.

One nice side to TorGuard is the fact they offer an extensive resource center that includes a large database of video tutorials, so in the event, you are having difficulty with downloading any of their services and need help how to set up a VPN, getting that help is not far away. Also, the company features 24/7 support team available via email and live chat, as well as a Frequently asked question section to complement its video tutorial library further.

Speed and Overall Performance

The speed and performance of any VPN service or proxy site is a critical element that will ultimately decide if it is valuable. This relates to its VPN network to is private virtual network and how fast its VPN remote access is. When looking at TorGuard, we found it checked most boxes and performed well based on speed test tools. To determine results, we compare various servers and test how the average speed and carry this out during different times of the day in order to gauge higher usage times against times when usage is reduced.

Domestically, it was found TorGuard’s latest saw increases of about 15%, which is good. Its download speeds were well within an acceptable range as were its upload times, with higher volume usage only seeing a speed decrease of less than 5%. Internationally they fared about the same, so when looking at things overall, speed was not an issue, and it was found within acceptable limits. This should prevent any concerns relating to performance overall, and with TorGuard being a recipient of the PC Mag’s Editor Award, it is clear this is a respected VPN provider.

Country IPS offered

Torguard VPN has over 1600 VPN servers, and those are divided amongst fifty countries. The company focuses on growing that list and provides access to all members. The servers are located in Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Costa Rica, Czech, Canada, Chile, China, Switzerland, Sweden S. Korea, S. Africa, and Denmark. Egypt, France, Finland, S.Arabia, Spain, Singapore, Thailand, Tunisia, Greece, German, Hungary, Hong Kong, India, Iceland,  and the Isle of Man also are included within the list of countries. Lastly, Latvia, Luxembourg, Turkey, Russia, Romania, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland Korean, Japan, Portugal, Poland, Panama, Mexico, Moldova, Malaysia, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Vietnam, USA, and the United Kingdom join the growing list of country ISP’s.

It should be noted that the service is ideal for mobile VPN users as well and allows equal access and tools. Although, in comparison to other VPN services, the number of servers is somewhat lower and the number of countries is as well, however, that is not a deterrent but more so a nice option.


TorGuard VPN has a number of tools that have proven to be useful and are ideal for those who are more knowledgeable with VPN’s, which tends to be the market this company seems focused towards. It is a product that fits a niche market, and the interface it has in use is when compared to others, antique, but it is one that is perfect for fans of BitTorrent that are accustomed to a more cumbersome interface.Those new to VPN’s will most likely be more comfortable with the more up-to-date providers and should consider their options in that regard, or you may find yourself in a place of frustration.