Tunnelbear VPN Review

TunnelbearVPN offers a Vigilant feature that is designed to keep users data and location private and in brief seconds of re-connecting.

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Our Review

Tunnelbear is a VPN app that enjoys immense popularity since it provides millions of users the luxury of private Internet browsing, safe connection to public Wi-Fi, and the ability to unblock restricted websites. The VPN services appeal primarily to browsers and game fanatics who require privacy while lightning fast speeds are needed, and with servers located in over 20 countries VPN server coverage is fast and hiding your IP hassle-free.

TunnelbearVPN offers peace of mind via secure AES 256-bit encryption safeguarding users content, and up to five devices are covered while defeating VPN blocking with its GhostBear ensures that private data encrypted via VPN are less detectable by Internet Service Providers, businesses, and governments.

Tunnelbear for team offer businesses the opportunity to secure teams via remote access to the internet, the easy to use app is focused on team use and once active, the internet connects completely secured via AES 256-bit encryption. The team app also allows users to switch their public IP address to any country of their choice. Hundreds of businesses make use of TunnelbearVPN services to gain access to features such as securing traveling employees connections, gathering competitive information, stealthfully conducting marketing research and accessing restricted business tools. On the business app, each employee has the benefit of connecting up to 5 devices to the service and have access to prioritized business support as well a personal accounts manager.

Mobile users prefer TunnelbearVPN to unlock blocked websites, reduce advertisers ability to track their devices, enjoy secure Wi-Fi connections to public services, as well as connecting to servers in over 20 countries plus they have access to free data monthly.

User comments include that the service is perfect for when you need to connect to a VPN server instantly without affecting your computer. TunnelbearVPN also works with tethering and protects users from DNS leaks.

  • PROS
    • Safe Wi-Fi Protection
    • Loads Websites 3 To 5 Times Faster
    • No Logging
    • Worldwide Network
    • Specialized VPN Business Service
  • CONS
    • Limited Number Of Servers

TunnelbearVPN Features

TunnelbearVPN offers a Vigilant feature that is designed to keep users data and location private and in brief seconds of re-connecting. The vigilant app is available for Windows desktops, Android mobile devices as well as Mac OS X. The vigilant feature is part of TunnelbearVPN’s evolving into a ferocious protector of online security and privacy and the app joins other tools such as mail trackers, closest tunnel, and intelliBear to keep users browsing activities and location completely private.

By activating Maul Trackers users can block trackers that allow companies to collect information such as online advertisers. Most advertisements that appear during online browsing have been generated in accordance to websites people have previously visited, and most websites use BlueKai or DoubleClick to track Internet browser’s activity and behavior across different sites. TunnelbearVPN allows users to block website analytics, advertisers and social networks from watching their online activities.

TunnelbearVPN’s blocker for Chrome protects users from tracking that is ignored by other ad blockers, and block all pixel trackers attached to webmail’s. While this feature also confuses and blocks tracking that detects users browser uniqueness, and it blocks the annoying Flash and only enables it when needed, and all inaudible sounds used to link users behavior and devices are blocked at the same time.

TunnelbearVPN Pricing

TunnelbearVPN offers three packages, which includes the little package, Giant, and Grizzly. The little bear option is free and offers users 500MB of free data per month. The giant bear package offers unlimited data and is payable monthly at the cost of $9.99.

The most popular service is the grizzly bear package that normally works out to $119.88 per year although it is currently available at a 50% discount and users pay $59.88 per 12-month period, which works out to $4.99 per month. The yearly package also provides users with unlimited data, and up to 5 devices can be tunneled simultaneously to access 24/7 private browsing and block website trackers.

How to install TunnelbearVPN

TunnelbearVPN is one of the simplest to install as well as the easiest VPN, to use and it is the friendliest.  Windows OS X and 7-installation procedure are almost identical and have identical functionality as well as appearance. TunnelbearVPN is one of very few VPN services that do no require Mac users to first complete an account due because it is available from within the installed program.

Once the appropriate version is downloaded simply click the file to start installation followed by agreeing to the terms of service and all that is left to do is to create a new profile or login into your existing account. The entire process is non-confusing, and great tips and help are offered along the way.

OpenVPN is set by default to UDP and can be switched to TCP within the Mac or Windows in situations where UDP is not supported or slow. Other VPN services offer HTTP protocol, H2TP protocol and while TunnelbearVPN only features one protocol it provides users with excellent security. The single protocol available also simplifies the installation process, and several top features are part of the service. TunnelbearVPN also works well with Windows XP SP3, Mac OS X 10.6.8, iOS 5.1 and Android 4.0.1. An extension is available for Google Chrome Browser that encrypts user’s browsing.

Speed and Overall Performance

The standard TunnelbearVPN free account restricts users to a very limited 500MB per month while the paid plans include unlimited data. Users have reported that downloads from local servers offer speeds of up to 30Mbps and even more while connecting to UK or US servers offers up to 20Mbps. By connecting to servers that are far distant could slow down downloading speed to 2Mbps although most users agree that it is unusual.

Testing the service also concluded that a new IP address could be obtained from seconds and users can almost instantly enjoy anonymous website browsing and visit their favorites sites in complete privacy.

  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • IOS
    • MAC
    • Windows

Country TunnelbearVPN provided

By downloading TunnelbearVPN users can browse up to 20 countries and the network is constantly expanding. Currently, the server locations include Norway, Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Canada, and India. Servers are also placed in Denmark, Singapore, Sweden, Japan, France and the United States. TunnelbearVPN servers are also available in Mexico, Honk Kong, Netherlands, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom while paying users can also access servers in Australia.


TunnelbearVPN offers users an easy to use VPN that works on several platforms including Mac OS, Android, Windows, as well as iOS. Even though TunnelbearVPN has a limited number of 20 servers in different countries around the globe, users report a surprisingly fast download speed, and its lag-time are not noticeable even when players connect to servers in other locations. YouTube users did mention that videos can be slow at times and for users who are no sure which server is best to connect to, the auto-search button gets online users the best possible connection.

A huge benefit is TunnelbearVPN’s free version that allows new VPN users as well as anyone else interested in testing its capabilities the option to try it free of charge. Benefits of using TunnelbearVPN free includes anonymous browsing with 500 megabytes per month that provides free users access to connect to secure proxy servers in over 20 countries, hide their IP address as well as IP location and benefit from unblocking websites previously restricted.

TunnelbearVPN can be used on five devices to cover users via desktop and mobile, and the business plan provides coverage for all employees while each can use the VPN on five devices. GhostBear makes users encrypted VPN content less detectable.

Safe Wi-Fi protection provides users with the best possible security on untrusted networks and support is available 24/7, while users are impressed with the TunnelbearVPN performance and download speeds. The vigilant mode offers complete security even when re-connections occur, and with its no logging guarantee users can rely on complete anonymous browsing.

Apart from the free service, upgrading is available on two other service packages, and with unlimited data, both are well worth your while when instant website unblocking or hiding your IP address is needed.