Usenet VPN VPN Review

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  • 7 Overall
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  • 8 Privacy
  • 9 Speed
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Usenet Server announced in 2015 that it added VPN services to its popular online services and millions of Usenet users also gained access to 256-bit AES encryption, complete online privacy and ISP spying and throttling became a thing of the past. Usenet VPN blocks advertisers from spying and following internet users every move, it offers top protection during Wi-Fi hotspot use and provides easy unblocking of restricted content. Usenet VPN keeps no logs or records of any online activities, allows P2P Filesharing, Torrenting and can be installed on all devices while the VPN service also includes a NAT firewall that offers an additional layer of security on user’s data.

The top five reasons why everyone needs Usenet VPN is that it enables individuals to use public hotspots or Wi-fi knowing they are safe and secured from cyber criminals or hackers. The VPN protects all online activities and prevents access to private and sensitive information by hiding it from all prying eyes. Once Usenet VPN is installed, it is possible to view social media accounts, bank statements and make financial transactions online knowing all information is secured. Another good reason to get Usenet VPN is to put a stop to government and ISPs snooping and viewing your online activities. Essentially, by using the Usenet VPN, it brings an end to the invasion of your privacy.

  • PROS
    • 14-day Free Trail Option
    • Blazing Download Speeds
    • Easy to Use VPN Software
    • Connection to 800+ Servers
    • Free SSL Connections
  • CONS
    • 1-month plan more expensive

While security and anonymity are the two most important reasons for most internet users, preventing manipulated content and unwanted advertising is also high on the list of motivations for VPN use. Without the use of a VPN service such as Usenet, third-party cookies tract websites individuals’ visit, products searched and targets them with advertisements. Usenet VPN encrypts all traffic, provides users with an alternative IP address and all activities are impossible to track. The use of Usenet VPN is most important in the prevention of viruses and malware, and since cybercrime comes in many forms the most common remains malicious websites, created to steal visitor’s information or add viruses to their computer systems.

With VPN protection it is impossible for such sites to get access to personal information or track your location or device. Usenet VPN also believes that everyone deserves unrestricted access to the internet and therefore offers uncensored access by allowing its users to bypass all censorships and restrictions.

Usenet VPN Features:

Usenet VPN puts internet users in control of their IP addresses, offers privacy during internet connections and once a Usenet IP address is used the following benefits are gained. Complete data and identity protection includes hiding the user’s whereabouts as well as the original IP address. Usenet enables everyone to use Wi-fi hotspots with confidence since all activities are safeguarded via strong encryption while it completely stops ISP’s from throttling or spying. It also offers a virtual firewall that blocks hackers or identity thieves from gaining access to personal information. Usenet VPN is the perfect shield for anyone who understands the importance of being protected against cyber-crime, while it allows easy, instant bypassing of any censorships and stops all unwanted marketing.

Usenet VPN offers free downloads for all operating systems including Androids, iOS, Mac OS X and Windows. Easy to follow user manuals are available for Ubuntu PPTP setup, Ubuntu OpenVPN setup, as well as routers and Chromebook. Usenet VPN is a UNS Holdings Inc. product that provides access to NNTP feeds and Usenet newsgroups for private or business use, while its main goal is to keep sensitive information private and to prevent ISP’s from tracing individual’s internet activity. Support is offered via the support centre 24 hours a day, while the newsletter available via email announce security updates, special offers and excellent articles regarding online safety. The traceroute tool is excellent to find out if slow speed connection issues lie between the Usenet servers or between your personal device and the server.

Usenet VPN uses massive storage, which allows the VPN service provider to provide users with over 3,637 days of retention. Users have access to unlimited data transfers, and all connections are safeguarded via 256-bit SSL encryption, while Usenet maintains 99%+ uptime. Currently, its global network offers well over 100,000 binary and text discussion groups allowing the exchange of millions of ideas and tips. 

Usenet VPN Pricing

Usenet VPN is the perfect choice for individuals that demand the best protection as well as high downloading speeds at the most competitive prices. Usenet offers the lowest prices available for premium web access and provides unlimited data access via 20 concurrent SSL connections with savings worth up to 75% when compared to other VPN service providers.

Usenet Server offers three different VPN options including a one-month plan, three-month plan and a yearly option:

Usenet VPN 1 Month Plan: $14.95

  • $14.95 billed monthly
  • Zero-Log VPN available at additional $4.99 per month
  • All connections secured via SSL encryption
  • Unlimited downloads
  • 14 Day free trial period
  • 3,637 days retention

Usenet VPN 3 Month Plan: $8.95 per month

  • Zero-log VPN available at an additional cost of $4.00 per month
  • Retention 3,637 days
  • 14 days free trial period
  • Free Usenet search – unlimited
  • Unlimited downloads

Usenet VPN 12 Month Plan: $7.95 per month

  • Free Zero-log VPN included
  • SSL Secured connections
  • Free unlimited use of Usenet Search
  • Downloads – unlimited
  • Retention – 3,637 days
  • 14-day trial period – free
  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • IOS
    • MAC
    • Windows

By selecting the 12-month plan, it also includes access to European and US servers, 20 SSL secured connections, a 60% lifetime discount and the free zero-log VPN use. New users will only be charged once the free trial period has expired and the 12-month options are $95.40 payable once per year. Payment methods available include Visa Electron, JCB, Delta, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, PayPal and Visa.

How to install Usenet VPN

The Usenet Server support centre offers access to a wide selection of VPN set-up guides including Windows 10, 8,7, setup for iPad, iPhone, Android, DD-WRTv3 router OpenVPN, DD-WRT PPTP set-up, and Tomato router set-up.

To install Usenet VPN for Windows 10, new users can select between L2TP, PPTP or OpenVPN protocols:

  • Select Windows 10 OpenVPN and download and install the software
  • Select drivers to install after receiving the pop-up notification
  • Download configuration files for OpenVPN
  • Open the location where file is stored and extract files
  • Move files to OpenVPN config folder – OpenVPN displays 50 servers
  • Run OpenVPN GUI as the Administrator
  • Open the OpenVPN GUI menu
  • Connect to server
  • Enter a Usenet VPN self-selected username followed by @usenetserver as well as a password
  • Enjoy the safety, security and anonymity offered by Usenet VPN
  • New users can sign up to the email newsletter to receive price discounts, advice and important tips

Speed and Overall Performance

Usenet offers a VPN service popular for its super-high retention, limitless downloads and amazing speed. When it comes to connectivity and speed, Usenet VPN independent testing resulted in download speeds of 264 Mbps and upload speeds of 30 Mbps. When it comes to instant connection and fast speed, Usenet delivers on its promise of great downloading speeds and with several connections available it might reach even faster downloads by connecting to servers closer to your own location.

Countries Usenet VPN Servers are Located


Usenet VPN offers quite a few extras and impresses when it comes to fast downloading and uploading speeds. Backed by Usenet Server established in 1998, the three options are well priced and offer excellent value for money while its 14-day free trial period offers 10GB free to all first-time users, and the VPN offers a zero-log policy. Each of the option offer shields against cybercrime, blocking of unwanted advertising, unblocking of geo-restricted websites, complete safety when Wi-fi hotspots are used and the prevention of ISP throttling.

By registering with Usenet VPN apart from top security and excellent speed, users also gain access to free 256-bit SSL connections, over 100,000 discussion groups, unlimited data access via 20 concurrent SSL connections, 3.637 days retention, and 99% + uptime. Support is available 24/7 via an email service, and response can be expected within a few hours while the help section answers most questions. Several easy to follow tutorials are available on the website. Usenet has a very strict policy against child pornography and it’s no logging policy is also available on the website. It is one of the most secure VPNs compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, iOS and Android while downloading, registration and installation take less than 10 minutes, and billing takes place only at the end of the 14-day free trial period.