VpnUnlimited VPN Review

VPN Unlimited understands the importance of fast services and users are guaranteed that the fast server speed is maintained at all times.

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VPN Unlimited is a VPN service provider that is a subsidiary of KeepSolid VPN with its headquarters based in New York. VPN Unlimited currently offers data centers and servers located in fifty regions in over thirty-nine countries. Full anonymity is part of the reason why VPN Unlimited is hugely popular while its personal VPN servers and static IP protected adds layers of security via high-level encryption to safeguard all Internet traffic as well personal data as well as information that are sensitive such as banking and credit card details. The VPN service is popular due to its reliable capability to protect all Internet activity from a third party, Internet Service Providers, and hackers, while users enjoy access to restricted sites and can browse websites anonymously. The VPN can be used across all platforms including desktop and mobile devices to enjoy more reliable and faster Internet services, and VPN Unlimited offer five dedicated servers exclusive to torrenting.

VPN offers users a one-stop support solution and provides 24/7 assistance via email, an online form and the FAQ section offer detailed answers to general questions. VPN Unlimited provide users with a virtual private network, which purpose is to ensure privacy, security and to encrypt all transmission, browsing and downloading. All correspondence via the Internet is encrypted including online purchased and with VPN Unlimited a new network Interface is added to provide an additional layer of security. Users real IP addresses are hidden, and an alternative IP address is used to ensure all traffic are sent and received via a host computer. The primarily use is security to online activity and the times where connection speeds are subsided due to torrenting are limited. Legal use of P2P sharing is offered on servers in France, Romania, California, Luxembourg, and Ontario.

In order to use VPN customers require an existing satellite, 3G, DSL or cable connection and when it comes to the difference between a VPN and proxy service, VPN connections are more secure as well as more stable than proxy servers. VPN Unlimited do not slow down users Internet connections or systems, and the same speed is offered to regular and trial customers. The highest possible connection speed is always offered and what could affect speed is the selected VPN server, distance to the server and its workload. It is even possible to increase connection speeds with the VPN bypassing throttling by Internet Service Providers.

  • PROS
    • Total Online Security
    • Lifetime Subscription
    • 7-Day Free Trial
    • 24/7 Assistance
    • Easy To Use
  • CONS
    • High Extra Add-On Service Fees

VPN Unlimited Features

VPN Unlimited offers a broad selection of features including the detection of potential threats, securing all activities online, the highest encryption levels, Wi-Fi hotspot protection, unblocking websites that are blocked by governments as well as complete anonymous website surfing.

VPN Unlimited notify users instantly when they are nearing potential threats and staying ahead is possible via staying informed. The hotspot protecting service secures all activity that takes place online, and banking, credit card and personal details are completely safe from hackers and cyber criminals. With high-level encryption technology all date received and sent is encrypted and the highest level of safety is offered via several integrated encryption methods.

VPN Unlimited offers complete public Wi-Fi protection and data remains private even when users need to connect to hotspots in cafes, airports or hotels. Users also have unlimited access to the unique KeepSolid Wise feature.

VPN Unlimited Pricing

VPN Unlimited offers three different packages in order to accommodate all users requirements and a 7-day money back guarantee is part of each option. The economy package provides top VPN services for one month, is billed on a monthly basis and costs $8.99. The professional package offers a one-year contract and is billed every twelve months at $39.99, which works out to a monthly cost of $3.33.  The infinity lifetime offer is charged once off and normally costs $499.99 and is currently available at a huge 70% discount and users pay only $149.99 for lifetime protection and Internet freedom.

  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • IOS
    • MAC
    • Windows

How to install VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited connects via IPSec, L2TP protocol or PPTP protocol on Mac as well as iOS devices and Android, Windows and Linux connects via encrypted OpenVPN protocol, supported by Blowfish 128-bit, AES256-bit, and AES 128-bit encryption technology. AES 128-bit encryption is offered on IPSec protocol and Android, Linux or Windows users have access to the higher encrypted and more secure OpenVPN protocol while iOS and Mac users have less secure options when compared to OpenVPN although they enjoy higher connection speed.

VPN Unlimited ensure all users privacy by constantly changing IP addresses and IP locations to completely prevent agencies and hackers from obtaining information or tracking users activity online. The additional services available to customer such as KeepSolid Wise provide even more encryption layers and access to highly restricted sites. The protocol is an extension to the standard services and enables users to bypass firewalls without being blocked or detected. Windows, Linux, Android or iOS 9 and later devices enjoy this feature for free and a special service shaped to cater for users who demands the most security and speed include personal IP and personal server as well as Wi-Fi router protection.

The VPN Unlimited private browser app provides anonymous web surfing, adds a security layer that maintains users privacy at all times and is perfect for sending communication, social network activity or for online banking that is untraceable. With the ability to bypass censorships, users can enjoy their favourite broadcasting, stay informed of world news and have access to web resources during world travelling.  The intuitive VPN Unlimited app offers users the ability to create roadmaps that indicates the process that would be required for projects that can be edited on the go, and with milestone, important dates part of the roadmap provide focus on important phases of any project, which is brilliant for meeting goals.

Speed and Overall Performance

VPN Unlimited understands the importance of fast services and users are guaranteed that the fast server speed is maintained at all times. Users can even expect an increase in speed due to bypassing the throttling often used by Internet Service Providers. VPN Unlimited offers a wide variety of fast servers, separate servers for torrenting and users benefit from more reliable and faster servers.

Country VPN Unlimited provided

The five torrenting unique servers offered by VPN Unlimited is located in Canada, the United States, Romania, and Luxembourg. Other servers do not allow P2P sharing, and more servers are constantly added to expand the high demand for VPN Unlimited VPN services. The Chinese government has several technical limitations in place, and for users in China, servers located in Honk Kong, USA, Canada and the UK provide stable KeepSolid protocols and reliable connections. VPN Unlimited also has servers located in Africa, Europe, South and North America to provide users with the best possible experience via top security and downloading as well as connection speed, while instant server hopping is easy and instant.


With VPN Unlimited once users connect to a VPN server an additional virtual interface protects all Internet activity including unblocking websites, sending email anonymously, partaking in forums, anonymous surfing of the internet and gaining access to YouTube proxy or other social media sites blocked or restricted.

VPN Unlimited offers a VPN service that offers all the benefits of users who demand Internet freedom are who are looking for complete online security, public Wi-Fi hotspot security and guaranteed privacy. In addition, those who are seeking anonymous web surfing, untraced online movability, unlimited access to online websites, super fast connection speeds, as well as untraceable IP location and IP addresses will find this service valuable.

Additional services such as lifetime protection, personal IP, and personal servers are available at additional costs and cater for the most severe security wishes of users. VPN Unlimited protects users private information and all incoming and outgoing correspondence sent via VPN is encrypted and cannot provide hackers with the information they most desire. With an alternative IP address and location, Internet Service providers are unable to trace users online activity, and throttling can be bypassed to enjoy ultimate connection speed.

All VPN Unlimited packages offer a 7-day money back guarantee and the 7-day trial period provides new users with an opportunity to explore the freedom luxury part of the service. The lifetime option takes care of all security and at the same time remove the frustration of users who wishes to watch their favourite sports events, have access to social media, and restricted sites can be unblocked while all activity remains anonymous. The VPN service can be used across five or more devices to ensure coverage of all devices including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Family protection is also offered via router VPN services, and by joining VPN, Unlimited Internet freedom is offered with the highest levels of encryption, anonymity and fast connection speed.