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Launched by Pornhub, one of the top adult video sites, VPNhub was created by experts that understand how important privacy is to its over 90 million visitors on a daily basis. The majority of the 90 million Pornhub visitors uses their mobile devices, and due to the importance of keeping their activities completely anonymous and confidential, the VPNhub idea was born. VPNhub is a family friendly service and its free plan available on iOS and Android are already enjoying huge popularity. While the free plan offers access to a single server based in the US, the premium option provides access to a much larger variety of servers placed around the world. Users can download the free app from either the Google or Apple Store, enjoy free access for a week before any charges will occur, which is a great way to test VPNhub.

  • PROS
    • Browse Websites Anonymously
    • 7 Day Trial Period
    • Support 24/7
  • CONS
    • No Free Trial Option

VPNhub offers protected web surfing freedom, while all data are encrypted, and your location is kept private. The service removes all restrictions and its super easy to bypass any censorship, while it completely removes the fear of any monitoring. The biggest advantages are that while your connection to the internet is completely secure, VPNhub also promises that their servers could actually improve the performance and speed of your device. Secure access is available no matter where users find themselves and the VPN service works flawlessly when you need to connect to a public Wi-Fi within an office environment or during travelling at the airport, hotel Wi-Fi, campus or university internet or at local restaurants or coffee shops.

VPNhub generates private networks on their own private servers, users then have the freedom to connect securely to any one of the servers available on the VPNhub server base can switch between servers as often as they choose. Once connected to any of the VPNhub servers, the server instantly changes the user’s virtual location to that of the server location and immediately encrypts all data, eliminating all potential online threats. It is important to know that both the MacOS and Windows version is only available to premium subscribers, while the free plan is available to mobile devices and offers unlimited bandwidth, outstanding mobile apps and exceptional speed.

VPNhub Features

VPNhub offers individuals the opportunity to access some powerful features to improve their online experience in every way. Only a single click is needed to access complete internet safety and security, which is why VPNhub is favoured as one of the safest and easiest ways to enjoy complete protection at home, the office or even on the go. All devices can now benefit from VPNhub’s completely unlimited and free bandwidth across all devices, and with users IP addresses hidden, it is possible to remain secure while accessing public hotspots and Wi-Fi. With cross-platform support the premium option allows users to enjoy complete freedom and security across all devices including Windows, iOS, MacOS and Android.

The high-speed VPN supports OpenVPN protocol, and fast connection is possible without interruptions or downtimes. VPNhub works on YouTube, Netflix, Universal Sports, Formula 1, TuneIn Radio, Popcorn time, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Line, Snapchat, WWE, Omegle, Wechat, Kik, Skype, Kakao Talk, Reddit, Pandora, Spotify, Viber, Telegram, OK, VK, Instagram, HBO, and several others.

VPNhub recommends use via a safe internet browser such as Opera, CM Browser, Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, Maxthon, Ghostery, Puffin, Duckduckgo, UC Browser, Edge, or Private Downloader and to ensure added security it is best to use incognito mode. 

VPNhub Pricing

VPNhub offers a free VPN service to mobile users as well as a premium service to desktop users. While many security advisors remain sceptic about free VPNs, VPNhub has already managed to impress on many levels.

  • Techtimes describes VPNhub as the safest and best free VPN services
  • Forbes announced it as the App of Week at the start of June

The free VPN Apps offer:

  • Total online freedom every individual deserves
  • Protects all data and websites from ISP’s
  • Mobile users can select from more than 20 servers based across the world
  • VPNhub offers anonymous and private internet connection on the go
  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • IOS
    • MAC
    • Windows

VPNhub Premium: $63.99 per annum

The VPNhub premium option offers an array of powerful security features bound to secure all online activities from Windows or Mac devices:

VPNhub offers a monthly premier payment plan of $10.49 per month. The yearly plan is offered with a generous 30% discount, which means that the monthly fee drastically reduced to around $5.33. Once selected, users will not be charged for a period of seven days. During the trial period, should the client be happy, the premium will be charged at the end of day seven only.

The VPNhub premium includes:

  • AES-256/AES-128 Data Encryption
  • OpenVPN protocol
  • Access to over 800 servers around the globe
  • P2P Allowed
  • A connection can be used between TCP or OpenVPN UDP
  • No Adds on Premier option

How to install SecureVPN

To be able to use VPNhub on MacOS or Windows, users need to first upgrade to a premier, a process that is quick and easy and include the following:

  • First, install VPNhub on your Android or iOS device
  • Once installed purchase the premium upgrade, offered as an in-app purchase only
  • Once upgrading completed sign up at the bottom of the screen
  • Supply a valid email address, create password complete the rest of the desktop login credentials
  • Log in via desktop by using the same information as supplied on mobile.

The VPNhub’s Windows version, unlike other VPN’s, do not select the nearest server by default, which means the user can select any one of the servers displayed on the list

It is possible to choose a default server and save it as part of your personalisation options

During set up users need to select the OpenVPN UDP protocol, auto reconnects, enable IPv6 Leak protection, enable kill switch as well as DNS leak protection.

Speed and Overall Performance

VPNhub is one of the most popular mobile VPN services and its premium option for Mac and Windows desktops are simply brilliant. The VPN uses OpenVPN-UDP as well as AES-256 encryption to provide excellent security, while some users focus on the security and protection a VPN offers, others are also concerned about download and upload speeds.

Independent testing experts tested the free and premium version back to back to the same server. In the speed test, the free mobile option impressed with a ping of 200ms, download of 43.5 Mbps and an upload of 6.02 Mbps. The desktop premium plan showed ping of 27ms, an upload speed of 6.17 Mbps and a download speed of 5.23 Mbps.

Countries VPNhub Servers are Located

VPNhub offers premium user’s access to around 800 servers placed in more than 18 different countries, while more servers are constantly added to ensure users enjoy the best protection and the fastest possible uploading and downloading speeds. The large variety of countries in which servers are placed includes the following:

  • Australia – Sydney
  • Germany – Frankfurt
  • France – Paris
  • Canada – Toronto
  • Brazil – Rio de Janeiro
  • Brazil – Sao Paulo
  • Belgium – Brussels
  • Canada – Montreal
  • Japan – Tokyo
  • Canada – Toronto
  • Russia – Moscow
  • Canada – Vancouver
  • Denmark – Copenhagen
  • Spain – Madrid
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam
  • South Korea – Seoul
  • Sweden – Stockholm
  • United Kingdom – Manchester
  • United Kingdom- Glasgow
  • United Kingdom- Nottingham
  • United States – Atlanta
  • United Kingdom- London
  • United States – Ashburn
  • United States – Chicago


VPNhub is a free VPN service that unblocks websites as well as apps while it offers easy bypassing of geo-blocking, network restrictions as well as school firewalls. VPNhub is one of the only mobile VPNs proven to effectively work on Messenger, Netflix, WhatsApp, Omegle, Wechat, Snapchat, Reddit, Kakao Talk, Skype, Youtube, TuneIn Radio, Popcorn time, Telegram, WWE, HBO, Pandora, Facebook, VK, Instagram, Viber, Line, Kik, OK, Spotify, Universal Sports, and Formula 1.

VPNhub offers free access to their USA servers. The free mobile versions feature unlimited data, bandwidth, and even time allocations. The regular mobile VPN service is completely free and will remain free for life. VPNhub will from time to time serve users ads to assist in covering its costs, while its servers can is placed in several locations around the globe, these include Canada, New Zealand, Russia, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, India, Vietnam, Portugal, Brazil, France, Italy, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Colombia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Argentina, South Korea, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Algeria. Anyone in the market for a fast, reliable VPN service that supports the OpenVPN protocol and guarantees uninterrupted service is bound to be impressed by VPNhub.