Vypervpn VPN Review

VyprVPN is the most robust VPN in the world and offers users the tools to protect their privacy, secure all Internet connections, restore their freedom and enjoy fast downloading speeds

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According to users testimonials, VyprVPN offers intuitive apps, incredible speeds, intelligent and responsive customer support and a wide option of servers located globally. Golden Frog VyprVPN originated in response to the infamous room 641a in San Francisco, were At&T’s networks were under surveillance conducted by the NSA. The alarming activity was reported to the FCC, and while the Government ignored the situation, Golden Frog built tools to protect Internet user’s privacy.

Golden Frog is passionate about open Internet and confidentiality and advocates for legislation that would provide free open Internet browsing and privacy to all users around the globe. Founded by Internet veterans in 1994, Golden Frog GmbH is based in Switzerland since the country favor privacy laws and respect the rights of online users.

VyprVPN enables all its users to achieve open Internet browsing in a secure and private environment while its increase in security and privacy also includes public Wi-Fi. The VPN service provides users with tools to bypass censorships as well as restricted networks and improves streaming experiences via its fast VPN speeds. VyprVPN currently offers over 200,000 IP addresses and unlimited switching between well over 700 servers located worldwide. Unlike other VPN services, VyprVPN manages all its services and do not utilize third-parties since its primary focus is on guaranteed privacy, for this reason, no logs are kept, and the VPN service is compatible with a broad range of routers, Mac, Windows, iOS, and TV’s. VPN blocking is defeated by VyprVPN’s Chameleon, which also prevents throttling globally by offering users an open and free experience.

By choosing VyprVPN users put a stop to the Internet browsing their computers or devices since the VPN provides freedom by protecting and securing Internet connections from all devices. Reasons, why VyprVPN is one of the most popular VPN services, include the increase in security and privacy via encryption of all connection and at the same time preventing third-parties or ISP’s from viewing users locations, communication or location as well as browsing activities. With VyprVPN it is possible to bypass government imposed restrictions as well as other censorships including the Firewall of China. The service not only provides an increase in security but also offers the best streaming experience. By encrypting your connections to the Internet, spying becomes impossible by government or hackers, and the replacement of your IP address hides your physical location due to the widespread server locations offered by VyprVPN.

  • PROS
    • Multiple Protocols For Encryption
    • Chameleon Defeats VPN Blocking
    • Additional Security Via NAT Firewalls
    • 24/7 Live Support All Year Round
    • VyprVPN Defeats Throttling
  • CONS

VyprVPN Features

The list of exclusive features offered by VyprVPN includes complete data protection with all servers managed by the company, the fastest VPN speed and levels of security on all broadband connections as well as ease of application use across TV, routers, and all devices compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. The VyprVPN network features 200,000 global IP’s, and over 70 Server locations are spread across six continents while users have access to over 700 different servers. By connecting to VyprVPN users are guaranteed of encrypted traffic, no ISP snooping and unrestricted speed on Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube plus thousands more. No download caps or server restrictions takes place, and with OpenVPN protocol, L2TP protocol, PPTP protocol, and Chameleon users can select the best protection, speed, and encryption according to their specific requirements. VyprVPN’s Chameleon technology utilizes the unmodified 256-bit protocol to scramble metadata in order to prevent DPI as well as VPN throttling or blocking.

VyprDNS is Golden Frog’s zero knowledge DNS exclusive for use by VyprVPN users who wishes to reclaim privacy and defeat blocked websites. Additional security is offered via the NAT firewalls that protect mobile devices and routers and support is available via live chat and email 24 hours all year round, and VyprVPN services integrate flawlessly with multiple applications including Feat VPN, Viscocity, and Boxee.

VyprVPN Pricing

VyprVPN offers two packages, which includes a basic and VyprVPN premium options. The basic plan is billed annually and works out to US$5.00 per month when it is paid for yearly or US$9.95 if users prefer monthly billing. This package offers three simultaneous connections plus unlimited data usage and is also available on a 3-day trail basis.

The VyprVPN premium plan offers the best value, and 73% of users have chosen choose plan as it is an affordable US$6.67 per month when billed annually, or US$12.95 should users require monthly invoicing. The premium option includes five simultaneous connections, VyprVPN cloud, Chameleon protocol as well as unlimited data usage.

Payment options available include several credit cards such as Visa, Diners Club International, American Express, Discover and MasterCard and new users can also make payments via Alipay or PayPal.

  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • IOS
    • MAC
    • Windows

How to install VyprVPN

The list of how to tutorials on VPN include how to use VPN, how to set up VPN, VPN configuration, VPNs setup on NAS devices, guides on how to encrypt NAS devices as well as how to setup VPN on Synology devices. VyprVPN offers OpenVPN protocol, L2TP protocol, PPTP protocol and Chameleon.

Other useful guides also include how to set up VPN on all QNAP devices, on DD-WRT routers as well as how to secure Android TV box via VPN. When it comes to accessing security and privacy, VyprVPN tutorials make changing your IP address easy and also provide informative instructions on how to hide your IP address and location. With the how to protect your security and privacy during use of public Wi-Fi and how to defeat Australian Metadata retention laws the VPN application is made easy to understand. The gamer’s guide offers online players the perfect solution to enjoy secure online privacy, and several instructions and guides are offered to show users how to best use VPN in situations where they need to unblock websites, bypass censorship in Russia or access discord in the UAE.

VyprVPN use in China includes how to access Google, Twitter and unblock Facebook as well as gain access to restricted Internet while traveling China, how to circumvent the great Firewall as well as how to take back your freedom.

Tutorials available on the VyprVPN for games include how to play Watch Dogs 2 with VPN, how to enjoy Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare with VPN as well as how to play original games with VPN protection.

VyprVPN apps are available for routers as well as iOS, Android, Mac and Window devices and navigation guides include setup and support on supported platforms including DD-WRT, Boxee, Synology NAS, OpenWRT, ASUSWRT, and Blackberry. By signing up with VyprVPN users get 1GB for free and CYPHR by Golden Frog is easy to use and encrypt all messaging apps for both iOS and Android. All messages are protected via several layers of security including public key verification, symmetric key encryption, public key encryption, and private key decryption.

Speed and Overall Performance

Golden Frog engineered the ultimate VyprVPN performance offered via the security for broadband connections as well as the highest level of speed. All servers are managed and owned to ensure the worldwide network provide users with the fastest VPN speeds, and the company guarantees the delivery of optimized VPN that provides the fastest speed.

VyprVPN network engineers write the codes for all hardware and servers part of the global network and users enjoy unlimited speed, no throttling at all, as well as unlimited bandwidth with no caps or restrictions while unlimited server switching is offered on both packages.

Country VyprVPN provided

The 700 servers are clustered in South America, Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania and offer complete security end to end while access to over 200,000 IP addresses is available and apps for both mobile and desktop server switching is part of the VPN service.

North American servers are located in Toronto, Austin, Los Angeles, Austin, Miami, New York City, Washington DC, Seattle and San Francisco. Oceania servers are placed in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Majoro and Auckland. Central America servers are located in San Jose, Panama City, San Salvador while South America’s servers are in Montevideo, Bogota, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo.

Europe server locations include Vienna, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Rome, and Athens, plus several other destinations and in Asia, servers are located in Tokyo, Taiwan, Bangkok, and Singapore.


VyprVPN is the most robust VPN in the world and offers users the tools to protect their privacy, secure all Internet connections, restore their freedom and enjoy fast downloading speeds. The VPN also offer additional uses such as saving money on travel, enjoy sports events by unlocking blocked sites, play online games like a pro and conduct all business in the most secure environment. Ultimately VyprVPN offers users the ability to increase security and privacy, bypass censorship, access restricted networks, improve streaming, as well as defeat data retention and provides access to geo-blocked content.