ZenMate VPN Review

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ZenMate VPN is one of the most used cybersecurity solutions, perfect for accessing secure proxy servers, unblocking websites and encrypting all internet connections. It offers individuals the simplest way to remain private and secure while accessing content online. Zenmate hides users IP addresses while also encrypting all traffic so as to allow anonymous online activity. By using ZenMate, it is possible to unblock restricted sites, change your virtual location and the VPN offer access to more than 30 server locations across the globe including the US and UK.

Trusted by more than 40 million users, ZenMate is known for providing total privacy and security, complete freedom to its users, and one of the fastest VPN applications all available at a smart price. The highlights of using ZenMate VPN is its 14-day money back guarantee, fast and easy set-up time of around 1 minute, users can use up to 5 devices per license, and it offers iOS and Android apps all at an affordable monthly subscription. What appeals to most users is that it offers privacy, anonymous online activity as well as a malware blocker.

Based in Germany, ZenMate VPN is required to adhere to laws such as the Data Retention Directive known for its strict hypocritical approach when it comes to surveillance and strict copyright policies. While ZenMate is required to keep logs the VPN service provider promises users that it is only for specific situations, other than that no logs are kept of user’s online activities. It is a brilliant VPN service for users who require basic VPN services that offer a high-quality service with easy-to-use software installations.

  • PROS
    • Malware Blocking
    • Tracking Protection
    • 7 Day Free Trial
    • 14 Days Money-Back Guarantee
    • Trusted by 44
    • 100
    • 679 Users
  • CONS
    • No Live Chat Support Offered

ZenMate VPN Features

With ZenMate users get to download their favourite programs or any other content from wherever they are in the world since the VPN service allows changing your virtual location. This allows users to continue watching their favourite shows or films even when visiting countries where the content is restricted, while all downloads are secure, private and available via fast download speeds due to the strategic placing of over 30 servers around the world.

ZenMate removes the risk of browsing the web via Wi-Fi connections that offer easy access to hackers and identity thieves, with the VPN all data are protected even with public Wi-Fi use via the top-level encryption, which ultimately ensures sensitive banking information and passwords are kept completely safe.

Users can finally relax knowing that ZenMate VPN stops advertisers from spying on their online activities. It also prevents governments as well as ISPs from tracking sites visited and downloads since the VPN encrypts your traffic, hides your IP address, and this eliminates anyone from tracking your online activities.

ZenMate’s VPN service enables users to bypass all censorships even while travelling abroad since it is possible to change your virtual location and to access gaming sites, social media and news sources in areas where the internet is censored.

ZenMate VPN Pricing

ZenMate VPN offers users a secure, easy to use fast service which ensures privacy and allows the unlocking of geo-restrictions around the globe. Access to more than 40 strategically placed servers makes ZenMate a VPN server used and trusted by over 44 million users worldwide. What impresses most is the affordability of ZenMate VPN offered in three different packages while payment plans can be selected in three different currencies including GBP, EUR and USD. With tailored made monthly, 6 monthly or yearly plans it caters for all online user’s budgetary requirements.

ZenMate VPN offers a 7-day free trial option that allows users to first test the service providers’ benefits before making any monetary commitment. The 7-day free trial option can be downloaded directly from the ZenMate website. The VPN service provider also offers a 14-day-money back guarantee across all three its payment plans.

  • ZenMate VPN Free: 100% no logs policy, available in 4 locations, maximum of 2 MB/s
  • Ultimate ZenMate VPN: 100% no logs policy, available in all locations, unlimited speed, use of VPN service available on 5 devices simultaneously, Torrent and P2P supported, ad-free, personal support available, streaming guarantee, OpenVPN, service optimised, identity shield.
  • Premium ZenMate VPN: Personal support, ad-free, Torrent and P2P supported, VPN use on up to 5 devices at the same time, smart locations, unlimited speed and 100% no logs policy.

ZenMate VPN offers three payment plans including a monthly, 6 monthly and yearly option:

  • 1 Month ZenMate VPN Option: $8.99 billed monthly
  • 6 Month ZenMate VPN Option: Marked down to $35.99 from $53.94 this 6-month plan works out to $5.99 allowing users to save 33%.
  • 1 Year ZenMate VPN Option: The yearly plan offers the best value and is currently discounted from $107.88 per year to only $59.99 after a discount of 44%, which works out to a monthly cost of only $4.99.

Trustworthy payment methods accepted by ZenMate VPN includes Discover, Giropay, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club International, PayPal and Maestro. 

How to install ZenMate VPN

ZenMate OpenVPN tutorials include OpenVPN instructions for Ubuntu, Windows, Raspberry Pi, Chromebook, macOS and other platforms such as routers, Xbox One, PlayStation4, Smart TV and Amazon Firestick TV.

Free downloads available on the ZenMate website includes VPN for Mac, Windows, iOS, Opera, Firefox, Chrome and Android.

ZenMate VPN for Windows takes about 1 minute to install which empowers users to connect via a single click, no activity logs are kept, while the VPN offers complete protection and can be tested on a 7-day free trial basis.

Installation for Windows:

  1. Download the VPN client for Windows
  2. Once download completed open the “installation file” select Run and press Install
  3. Once the installation is completed select Run
  4. Once the login window appears, enter an email address and password to log in
  5. Select a location or click on the ZenMate shield icon
  6. Once the above 5 steps are completed, the user is secure
  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • IOS
    • Windows

The installation allows users to unblock WhatsApp, YouTube, restricted or blocked websites, Gmail, Games, Facebook, BBC iPlayer, and Youku. ZenMate VPN mobile downloads are available for free download from the Google Play store as well as the Apple App Store and languages supported include English, German, French, Turkish and Spanish.

ZenMate VPN protects users from cybercrime, the dangers of public Wi-Fi use, while it offers cybersecurity while travelling and its privacy keeps browsing anonymous, provides the option of hiding your IP address and keeping browsing and download histories unavailable to ISPs, Governments, and hackers.

Support is offered via a vast amount of information, blog and tutorials available onsite, while users can also contact the ZenMate supports team via an online request form requiring an email address, the platform use, contact reason and a description of the question or assistance needed.

Speed and Overall Performance

While most individuals are sceptic about a VPN could affect their current upload and download speeds, with ZenMate VPN you are guaranteed of fast server speeds. The VPN speed greatly depends on the distance from the user’s location to the server they select to connect to, which is the reason why it is wise to connect to a server near you. ZenMate users have access to the statistic of both the upload and download traffic since the VPN service provider understands just how important fast speed are when you use streaming services. After several tests conducted by independent users, ZenMate’s overall speed is lightning fast, and connection takes only a few seconds to any of its servers. With unlimited server switches, unlimited data and unlimited speed ZenMate is also favoured for its reliability and speed consistency. 

Countries ZenMate VPN provided

ZenMate has over 30 servers based in the following countries:

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Israel
  3. Japan
  4. Italy
  5. Latvia
  6. Netherlands
  7. Moldova
  8. Luxembourg
  9. Norway
  10. Romania
  11. Russia
  12. Poland
  13. Singapore
  14. Spain
  15. Sweden
  16. South Africa
  17. Switzerland
  18. Ukraine
  19. United States of America
  20. United Kingdom
  21. Australia
  22. West United States
  23. Austria
  24. Australia
  25. Belgium
  26. Brazil
  27. Bulgaria
  28. Canada
  29. Czech Republic
  30. Finland
  31. Germany


ZenMate VPN encrypts all users browsing traffic and offers strong protection on any Wi-Fi network. It completely secures personal information as well as sensitive banking details via top-level encryption. The VPN offers everyone the freedom to unblock restricted sites in order to stream, watch or download programs or other content while its downloading as well as uploading speed is fast. With ZenMate’s premium network users have access to well over 3,000 IPs as well as a global network of more than 300 servers. It is easy to secure both mobile devices and desktops since the VPN secure up to a maximum of 5 devices at a very affordable rate and is currently used by more than 44 million individuals around the globe.